We need a Rerun of old event vehicles that become forgotten or are too expensive

These vehicles like the Excelsior and even the RBT-5 really needs to be re-released in an event and NOT be exclusive to lootboxes or the overpriced market, no one would pay that huge ammount of money for gimmicky event stuff that are soo situational or just reskins.

These event vehicle and specially the war thunder league ones needs to be re introduced since they specially cant be purchased or obtained anymore.


That would absolutely be awesome, yes. It’s a shame that some vehicles are essentially unavailable for new players. Particularly true for vehicles which are historically iconic or were widely produced and used operationally but are essentially out of reach for most players.

Hehe, I wanted the hungarian tanks they put up, but strangely enough they put it up in events at the time they removed the ability to sell them, so they can’t be bought.

I have been advocating for this for 1.5 years by now, and atleast one suggeetion was passed along in 2021 I think.

Totally agree, an Annual Rerun Event where we can grind or buy our way to some nice old Event vehicles for newer players and collectors for example by grinding Scores with optional Tasks that give a Score boost etc.

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They will if Gaijin thinks it will make them money.

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