We need 12.7 or 13.0 after the introduction of the newest planes

Pretty self explanitory, we need a higher top br for aircraft. These new additions should by no means be able to fight planes like the british phantoms, F-104S.ASA. or Mirage F1C. I’ve been doing a few games with the F-104S.ASA and it is just completely unplayable.


Top tier is beta test pretty much.

Playing as Sweden, it’s a real rollercoaster. The Gripen, once a shining star, is now in the mix with dominant forces like the F16s and F15. It’s exhilarating to witness, but there’s this lingering concern about game balance. The F-104S.ASA struggles and Gripen’s newfound dominance—it’s a unique challenge. As a Swedish pilot, riding this wave of victory, there’s that underlying worry: Are we tipping the scales too much? Here’s hoping for a sweet spot between power and fairness in the skies.

The F-104S.ASA is still fine.
I want to fight su57 and f22 in the ASA.

We need BR 15 and to decompress the ranks. Working though WW2 aircraft I was so looking forward to the Sabre/Mig15 era but that was trashed before I got there. Decompress or reduce the matchmaking range to .3