We haven't been hit! Crew is lying!

Every now and then the crew screams “We’ve been hit!”, but there is no damage to the tank or any crew member. It would be nice to get rid of this pointless misinformation - any help would be appreciated.


That is not necessary a pointless information.

you maybe not see you take a shoot (specialy if you are focus in you sniper view). That information said you “watchout, somebody shoot on you”.

But then the information should be changed to “watchout, somebody shoot on you”, shouldn’t it? That’s information and not misinformation :-)

“We have been hit!” are not less pointless than “watchout, somebody shoot on you”.

And with “we have been hit” you can know too the guy shoot you have the good distance: he hit you but by luck you are still alive.

If nothing is damaged, it is probably from crashing into something or jumping off a cliff. Anything that hits too hard on tracks is dmg even if it does no effective damage. Personally keep the crew on low volume.

There are levels of light damage you might not see - a very light yellow shadow on an airframe, or a non-penetration on a tank.

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I have a different problem, when I’m hit and I take damage, but there’s no sound of the shell smashing my tank. I just noticed this again in the last couple of days.

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Same here - often you don’t notice when getting a damaging hit. No boom and no “we’ve been hit”.

Better than my commander constably yelling “faster” or “quicker” while I am driving a tank that has a max speed of like 15kph.


we’ve been hit =/= we’ve been damaged


I turned off all the radio chatter after I got tired of hearing “attack the D point” and “eh, they’re in the eh!” but we should also have the choice to disable crew voices.

Count me in to this club as well.