Ways the game can improve in my opinion

Give a new player 200 ge instead of 140.
Remove crew lock.
More foldered vehicles
The abillity to sell vehicles you bought to get your sl back.
Make free rp actually free
Fix volumetric or remove it
Move the 2s38 up to 11.0, move the KV-1B and E at 4.3, SAV at 4.0, 2C at 1.7, and move KV-1 ZIS 5 back down to 4.3.

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Lose crew lock certainly.

Your economic suggestions would probably make the game straight up go bankrupt.

Free RP = 2x the progression rate, they’d lose MASSIVE amounts of revenue for such a huge change. And then on top of that, SL buyback and more foldering = even more than 2x faster progression. You didn’t give any exact numbers, but probably closer to 3x you’re asking for overall.

No crew lock

I agree it serves no purpose since you can just change nations anyway.

Fix volumetric

Volumetric isn’t broken, you can’t fix something that isn’t broken.

Show me a single example of volumetric being broken where you do it in the TEST DRIVE (so that there is no ping and we actually know you hit where you think you hit, unlike a live networked server with latency), and without hitting any optics (which are bugged, but in a way that is unrelated to volumetric and predates volumetric).


I know it’s not what people who have a lot of time invested want to hear but the game is a lost cause. It’s so broken already and getting worse with every update that it’s just circling the toilet bowl waiting for someone to inevitably press “FLUSH”.


That’s just your opinion that is, about the game you actually cannot handle.


Feels like it at the moment.Seems like gaijin are in a state of constant sale before pulling the plug.

Remove crew lock for users with a premium account.

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Volumetric is necessary. It needs to be fixed.

Where? What?


Broke much?

I’m not sure I agree on this one.

The one thing I especially disliked about the other tank game was how the economy was structured around the buying/selling of tanks and modules. To progress at a reasonable pace (without being broke) you had to sell your previous vehicles, and you end up in a situation where you no longer own any of the things you’ve researched.

SL is easier to come by in WT, but still I don’t think we should stray into that kind of mechanic. It might encourage Gaijin to rebalance SL income at some point, saying “you could always just sell the vehicles you don’t need”

Besides, I think of War Thunder as a collecting game, part of the appeal is holding on to the vehicles you unlock. The idea of selling a vehicle wouldn’t occur to me, but maybe others feel differently?


Get rid of Conquest in ground!

I would revert all the maps back to how they were a year ago with cover and foliage. Put them all on a strict rotation. I would cut the game in two at Tier 3 and have two divisions. The first focusing on WW2 the second on cold war with a focus on allowing more direct entry to top tier and modern.I would introduce era specific maps based on war zones rather than holiday destinations.I would give console players proper flying controls at a basic level.I would make no CAS grb game and stop nerfing cas to appease none flyers.

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Okay but is this bad though…

Honestly, here is what I would like to see:

GAB/GRB/AAB RP increase to ARB levels/hr

GAB classification system rework- some lightly armored mediums reclassed as LTs, some heavier mediums reclassed as heavies (cough cough panther), TDs relegated to two roles- TDs (open-top/vulnerable only) and SPGs (more armored, think jagtiger)

GAB role rework- visibility given an actual purpose, classes of tanks given abilities (LTs would be able to go off map/visibility for a time, mediums would get a repair boost, TDs may get a temporary ambush ability)

Removal of tiny tims in GAB, changes to aircraft loadouts in GAB

Possible minimum fuze distance for rockets in GAB, variable

Bomber gunner buffs for AAB/ARB

AAB maps to ARB

Oh yeah and naval spawning system for GRB

Crew lock should be removed, at least for premium players.

Like, if i want to play one particular tank, i’ll leave after one death. Also, if i’m not feeling like playing uptier or playing on some map i don’t like, i’ll leave regardless. And i shouldn’t be punished for it. I pay for premium time in game and you prevent me from playing? Only gaijin could came up with this

And if i get crewlock on everything i want to play - well, F U then, i’ll just quit game for today

Also, this: Static targets for high caliber artillery? - #3 by Hudler

And this: GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 - #16 by thethrill8284257

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Remove ALL red zones from the maps!


How would that work?

Red zones prevent you from leaving the map, or getting to places that would be too unfair or not intended. They are also used to balance maps more.

Let’s just agree to disagree.

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That doesn’t answer my question.