Watch Youtube on cockpit display


is there any way to make cockpit screens able to display youtube videos? Has it been done already before? I think it should be technically possible, right?

Well, if you somehow change the texture of the MFD in memory (and do it quick enough) then it is possible. I am sure that counts as modification and is forbidden.

A quick internet search reveals nothing. But I know some custom skins change the cockpit HUD or the weapons panel of the F-16A to anime pictures.

Maybe someone else can help you.

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of.

The most gen z request Ive ever seen



Still, would be interesting t be able to put other stuff there, atm those MFD’s are pretty simplistic and only scratch the surface for what would be possible IRL.

But then that level of detail and complexity was never WT’s strength.


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I don’t think players need more distractions than they already provide themselves in order to be able to complain that they’ve been taken out by something.

Oh boy… Just take your ADHD meds.

Just waiting for someone to put subway surfer gameplay on the MFD…


OR! To enable playing War Thunder on the MFD in War Thunder.
You know, when I am on my way to bomb on Sinai ASB, I could fit in a quick GRB match :D

Literally just open a YouTube video in Picture In Picture mode.

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Biggest question is why do you even need that?