Washed Out Colors and Terrible Performance After Update

So, prior to the update, I was getting a consistent 144 FPS on the highest settings. After the update, my colors are all washed out now and look awful. Even worse, I had to drop the settings to low on EVERYTHING just to get 100 FPS. If I want 144 FPS, I have to turn on DLSS, which washes out the colors EVEN MORE. I’m on a 3070, BTW, not a 1050 Ti or something.

I guess it’s just the usual 1 step forward (economy) and 2 steps back (update and this awful forum design) routine for Gaijin, eh?

Same problem with colors here.
I am going crazy trying out different post fx settings, nvidia game filter.
Its never good.

They think they are making the game have realistic visibility, which is a stupid thing to do considering that most players have a screen with a limited color space.

Its so bad now I cant stop tinkering with the display settings…
You have it nice on a green map with midday sun, than a low sun battle comes and everything looks horrible.

The worst thing is the HAZE.
You are on a map with a clear weather, midday sun, you look down 200m on a street and its already hazy… incredible.

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OK. For me FPS went from around 120-160 to consistently 180+. Colours look fine, but true a bit washed out and mushy. I set the postz sharpening for my normal view to almost max in postFx and just above 50% in gunner view to improve it a bit. But planes are still almost invisible from above.

Then there are again the trees. Like some of them have this almost comic-book dark neon green hue to it other are just a dark neon green with everything else looking flat.

I changed nothing except turning the new Post FX setting they added off, because I prefer a higher contrast. I think that setting set looks great. The blacks in particular seem much better. Frame rate is acceptable although yeah I think there was a hit

And the haze is lovely, so atmospheric. So much better than the old rain from a clear sky.

This issue was fixed for me 100% in a later update (IDK when exactly). I’m getting max frames now with my old settings, DLSS off, colors back to normal.

What really gets me is how this cycle of patches destroying performance and then being restored in a later patch can still be a thing after all these years. This is at least the third time this has happened to me over the years.

maybe is useless, but every mayor update I delete the cache folder

I’m also not very happy with this update, there is always an annoying fog, which remains despite using the thermal (which is absurd) but this is also penalizing for the NATO tanks which have worse thermals and which we therefore relied on more to normal vision, and now with this unrealistic fog we have an extra penalty. not a good gaijin job with the wind effect of the trees moving like they were crazy