Was the IRST nerfed on purpose?

Since the Royale update IRST (at least the one on Swedish vehicles) has been seriously nerfed. Lock range on drones went from 9km to 4.5, helicopters often can’t be locked, IRST will switch lock to flares or missiles.
This is unrealistic - IRST works mostly by tracking contrast between object and background, right now it seems to work similar to a primitive IR sensor, like the one in AIM 9b; and makes the SPAA even worse, after having radar lock and missiles nerfed, now IRST becomes half useless.

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Could be a bug, have you tried reporting this to support? They may explain it.

I reported it. There’s a report for Starstreak following flares and rockets that is acknowledged. My reports for Swedish vehicles so far have no response.
Right now it really feels as if some dev was testing missile locking and decided to use vehicles to check the parameters and forgot to revert it.

Could you post a link to your request, i would like to see it. Thanks


There’s more, but I can’t post more than 1 link.

I’ve made 2 bug reports for 2 different issues over a week ago with no response. Don’t know what they’re doing.