Was it really necessary to limit the usage of my national roundels?

I used the Hungarian white cross on my planes - on every nation - as I am a Hungarian. But now all the previously placed markings disappeared, except from the Italian and German planes, and I am unable to put them back. Now my only choice is to buy a national flag for 500 GE - which is just too much for a sticker - or not decorate my planes with any national marking. I am really frustrated, as I almost exclusively play air AB, where the plane identification is never a problem, every marking is decorative only. Why the hack was this change necessary, Gaijin?

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Was it necessary? No, but doesn’t mean they won’t do it anyways.

Taxing nationalism seems like a good idea to me. Had they done it earlier, we would never have seen this game.

This happens to every nation that gets a tree or sub-tree, unfortunately. Same happened to Finnish roundels when it was added to Sweden.

When it comes to Simulator battles, limiting the usage of some roundels is entirely fair, especially on some platforms like the F-4 Phantom, F-5, P-51, BF-109, F-104, etc etc.

As for Air RB, you should be able to place a national roundel on any plane of any nations. Period.


Try Mexican AF roundel?