Was Best Squad award ever about sum of total score of the squad members?

Whenever I am trying to do Best Squad wagers, at least someone in my squad tells me we need to get most points, we don’t have to be closer etc. From variety of sources(Wiki included), I proved this is not the case. It is about total number of Supporting Fire and Teamwork achievements in all modes.

Then, why are people insisting on every damn time it is not about awards? Where is this misconception coming from? Was Best Squad awarded to total score of squad members in history? Is it different in some certain game mode?

One even defended his point saying that, 4 men squads guarantee Best Squad wager, not understanding that people would play closer more as 4 men and everyone gets Supporting Fire and Teamwork each, so it is cumulatively higher chance.



I think it’s just a natural assumption that “The Best Squad” would be the one with highest combined score, and people don’t actually read the definition of it.

I’ll put it here since it’s relevant to the thread:

It is given to the squad that earned more squad streaks during the match than the other teams.

Because people “hear” things from others(that is incorrect) and assume this is the way, when it is . . . way off. There are a large number of things players are mistaken about but the information and actions based on the “misinformation” persist. Best Squad has never been based off of the Squad’s game score. There are specific parameters used by the game to calculate each time your Squad gets an award that goes towards the total count which decides who gets “paid” at the end of the game, or gets credit towards a wager. A larger Squad does improve your chances, but by no means “guarantee” anything, you still have to remain within the parameters and gain the most awards . . . it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. I have gotten 17 & 19 awards before in a single game just following my Random Squadie around . . no communication at all . . . lol, so it is possible to do well, if you know what to do.

Yes, people don’t seem to be understanding why larger group increases the chances, then they attribute their success to sum of the individual scores. The guy talked extremely confident and he explained it with “In Naval, it is the sum of the scores. Naval is different than ground and air.”. I lost my will to argue since I lost my 2 of 4 loss with him…

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Its always been about the Teamwork awards.

easiest way to farm it in GRB is to have one person who is decent at flying stick in a plane and just hover over the battlefield trying to stay alive. The range for teamwork awards to plane players is several kilometres or something stupid so even if they’re just hanging over the ground map not doing anything its a free teamwork award for every kill the squad members on the ground get.