Was anyone banned for sound mods?

Yeah so I want to install something like Phoenix Combat or FFSM which aren’t cheats is literally just better sounds than the ones in game. They say that these can get you banned, but “can” doesn’t mean it actually happens, so was anyone seeing this banned because of one of those mods?

To my knowledge, they don’t get you banned unless you’re in tournaments, assuming the mod does not give you unfair advantages.

Here is the WT Wiki article for it:


I’ll also link this thread to you because it contains answers from @Stona_WT and @Pacifica.

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So would you say for example that this one is ok? WT Live // Sound by FireXsoldier

You will have to ask the author and other people that have used it, we cannot give tech support or advice on it


Yes, i think i got banned for having a sound mod.

I’ve been a loyal player to War Thunder for 6 ish years i think? 3 days ago i launched my War Thunder because i wanted to continue my grind for the Leopard 2A4 on the German tech tree. However i got a message in my screen saying that i have been banned for “Unsporting behaviour”

If someone can help me find out why i got banned, please respond.