Warthunder's spawn protection issue

One of the most frustrating things I have to deal with in Warthunder, is spawn camping.

Although I suppose it’s a rather difficult thing to balance and part of many PvP games, in Warthunder it’s on a whole different level.

Several points come to my mind:

- Map design.
Some maps configuration (Campania, European Province, Fields of Poland / Normandy, Mozdok, …) encourage, and make spawn camping way too easy.
A single enemy well placed, and it is almost impossible to leave the spawn without being killed. On some maps it is even possible to shoot each other from the each other spawn…

    • Spawn bombing*
      Being bombed after advancing for 15 meters (literally) is not a very pleasant thing.
      The spawn invulnerability system is to blame here. But again, due to the layout of the maps, this system seems difficult to balance.

- Spawn invasion
At the end of many games, it is not uncommon to see the enemy advancing towards the enemy spawn. Nothing unusual so far.
However, when the enemy can literally surround the location you spawn in at 360°, it only add more frustration to the game. (spawning a SPAA and shoot all around can be fun, I admit, but the very principle is boring).

All of that gives situations where you really don’t want to spawn another vehicle, and just leave the game before it end. And in my opinion, is part of the “one-death leaver” problem.

I may be doing the “unhappy-warthunder-player” cliché, but since the game seems on the good way to improve, you never know…
(Good) changes on this subject would clearly be welcome.

There’s a simple Solution in a game called Squad:

You can’t shoot into the Spawn and you can’t shoot out of it.

Simple and it works.

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Only problem is that most of the spawns have no physical cover obstructing view of the whole spawn from a single location. If you can’t shoot out of it, you still die as soon as you step out of the circle.

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That’s true, but would be a start.

The solution