Warthunder the future of Top Tier ARB

with the amraams getting closer and closer each day, is there any sort of plans to make ARB contain less Player? 10v10? 8v8? it obv showed positive feedback when severe damage testing event was running and it was actually fun, in addition to that the queue times didn’t really change that Much, i mean i expected it 250k each day online at the same time is not a small number by all means. so i don’t get it why you gotta make ARB such a pain? couple of days ago i saw a video about arb being 16v16 be cause the mass majority of players Lacking skills, and i understand that and i actually see it, and i know gaijin won’t do anything as long as the hands that feed it are newbies but why ruin top tier? at least change the amount of players required for 10.7-12.7 to 10v10 or 8v8 and all the rest of the BR’s can play 16v16.

[Development] General playtest of air-to-air missiles with ARH Seekers (FOX-3) - News - War Thunder

I draw your attention this little excerpt from the article:

In comparison, new medium-range missiles such as the AIM-120, R-77, MICA EM and others are created and intended for use against maneuvering aircraft. Aircraft capable can carry up to 8-10 of these missiles each, which in game terms means the possibility to fire up to 100 missiles per side. Combining this with the radar capabilities of these missiles and their maneuvering characteristics at medium and close-range, this could drastically alter the current meta of the game and make it much more difficult and unforgiving when making even the slightest error.

Having said this, going by our internal tests, air dueling situations between a small group of players in a battle using these types of missiles lead to some very interesting gameplay, with new tactical approaches being created. It’s also worth noting that these missiles don’t generally provide any new range parameters for hitting targets compared to the existing ones.

Based on the above, we’re planning to conduct mass general tests of this type of weapon and their aircraft within the current dev server period. This test will be held in the form of an event with a given set of aircraft and missiles — every player who has unlocked Rank VI aircraft on the live server will be able to take part.

TLDR: It’s being considered.