Warthunder Stock Grind, and Solutions

Remove stock grind I don’t care about the revenue gaijin already make enough money to fill oceans,and also think about it it’s literally p2w. new vehicle drops>First to get it spaded can use the bext missiles and others who are stock grinding fully f2p are gonna suffer with outdated missiles and bad performance,and what’s the fastest way to spade a vehicle? spending GE to finish researching modification. the stock if implemented right is fun it makes you feel like that’s YOUR plane that YOU worked for it but at what cost? at some point you’ll hate the vehicle it self and just get disgusted. best example is the JA37D stock grind exeprience it was so painful that i just stopped lots of 12.0 games with what? 2 AIM9P3 against F16’s and mig29’s that are fully spaded with insane missiles that I don’t even have access to.
-Solution 1:the stock grind can be improved by simply giving people the important modifications such as missiles and mixed flares and chaffs for planes and these under that context,and for tanks stuff like laser range finder and thermals. i know some tanks get these stuff very early on and they are totally fine without them and i agree so just don’t it for these tanks.

-Solution 2:give the people all the inconvenient stuff that they have to grind and are just waste of time and make only the important stuff required to research and Unlock,example:for tanks it’s the improved parts,horizontal drive,improved FPE all these stuff that are basically there to be annoying and not actually serve a purpose and keep stuff such as new shells thermals etc…required to be researched and unlocked, and for air we got as an example the F4E phantom: the belts and cannons and gun pods,the new boosters,airframe,compressor and keep the important stuff such as new missiles,bomb loadouts required to be researched.

or…just remove the stock grind,but that would hurt your pockets won’t it?

i barely expect this to happen but i hope for it be cause really, i want to play a vehicle that i want and i grinded for and its my right to enjoy it not just grind it painfully and for so long that when i actually get it spaded I just leave it…

Edit 1: what i meant by tanks getting thermals and laser range finders and APFSDS early on is lower tier tanks getting these stuff as there main strong tool at a Low BR take the Ikv91 as an example has a Laser range finder but lacks armor,these stuff don’t need there main strongpoints to be given to them be cause that’s unbalanced but something like the Leopard 2A7 that gets stock HEAT FS,no laser range finder,no thermals nothing at all at 11.7 is just Pure pain like these stuff are literally Essential,i think the stock grind is one of the many stuff that hasn’t majorily changed since the big economy update

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You have a better chance at stopping world hunger, than gaijin changing stock grind,


When was the last time that you guys got a 100% researched modification as a battle reward? lol

I haven’t seen it for ages.

“But giving free parts and FPE to everyone is just like giving everyone a free abrams, don’t you get it?”

Tanks should get parts, FPE, all rounds, NVD/TVD, and smoke grenades stock. There is no reason not to.

I’ve been playing four years and I’ve definitely had that less than a handful of times. If I had to guess I’d say two or three times, but I know it’s more common at low ranks.

The last talisman I got in a battle crate was a 109E in the first few weeks that I started playing.

Only seems to happen for low BR stuff, whenever I play some BR 1-4 stuff I seem to get it as modification, otherwise pretty much 90% of my rewards is 10 or 15k SL.

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Or an assortment of backups for vehicles I’ve never even crewed 🤣

I like it how we don’t get the parts upgrade for free. I repaired two allies in a low rank match the other day, I’m sure they appreciated it.

You know that if there is no problem then you don’t need a solution. What makes you think that gaijin doesn’t want this way ?

Just thinking now, this is a great method for his br balance-statistics. “Average player does bad with X, so its time to lower it”,