Warthunder Sim battles score glitch?

this is my first game on the 6th mission, Simulator battles with the F4C phantom that is rank 7
Screenshot 2024-03-03 133604
here is how much score i got.

btw this happened to me multipale times in the Summer extreme event 2023, be cause of it i had to spent 5$ to buy the star.

What’s the problem?

i made 10228 score and after the multipliers the score on the Mission should be 43,209 but instead it’s 37036.

the Multipliers are 4.2X be cause i was playing with a rank 7 aircraft in Simulator battles.

10288 x 3 x 1.2 = 37036.8

rounded down to 37036

can you explain?

I used asterisks but those are formatting symbols. Its edited now.

The multipliers don’t add together, they multiple. So the final multiplier is 3.6, not 4.2.

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Oh, Ok thanks i didn’t really know.