WarThunder issues need change

I want to ask, why instead of a proper answer or at least a short one, this mod keeps closing issues like that.

Gaijin, we need transparency, we need to communicate to solve issues. Closing issue without any proper comment is not the right thing to do, and bcs he is a sup mod, he is literally representing you.

I would also say that “https://community.gaijin.net” needs a change in a way how it works, where one sup mod views on things how they should be “right” didn’t interrupt changes in the game if they have a clear base and proof behind them. At the very least sup mods have to explain it straight and clear, the reason they decided to close the issue and not just close them without any additional comment to the issue.

link to the issue: Community Bug Reporting System


Please re-read forum rules.
If you have question related to moderator decision, please use PMs.

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