Warthunder is a game that restores history

So, is he really restoring history? I want to hear your opinions

More like monetizes history.


War Thunder restores nothing.
War Thunder preserves nothing.
This game isn’t realistic nor are the vehicles modeled accurately.


It kind of tries. Better than its nearest completion. Just good enough to suck in history nerds.

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No it’s a silly shoot em up that at one time tried to model tanks on real life. Can’t be regarded as any more than just a bit of fun. It gets taken far too seriously and really doesn’t deserve it,not any more at least .


What is it restoring exactly?

Historical stuffs such as matchmakers?


The difference is negligible, these days. Hardly even worth mentioning anymore.

Used to be

German main still coping about historal accuracy of Tiger he saw in movie.

The USSR I guess

I really miss when Axis team was super easy to play back then.

What does this even mean? Seems like you’re asking if it’s a time machine