Warthunder Go

Noticed there was a promotion to get a tank and ship from playing Warthunder on mobile.
I seriously hope there are not people in the world that look at me the way I would look at a player that spends money on the mobile version of WT. I buy premium and occasionally vehicles like during the anniversary, and I really hope there is not a parallel between doing this on pc and doing this on a phone. I would be extremely embarrassed.

I got the ship from getting 3 wins straight away just from playing carefully. I noticed the extreme zooming was extremely ridiculous. I don’t even know why or how the zoom is so ridiculous. It just continuously zooms. I don’t know if I’m controlling it or if the game is. If the game is, I suspect that’s where some auto-balance comes in to try to make the game addicting and constantly challenging.
I don’t care to find out.

I have no idea what place I was on the team on any match I played. I finally got killed as I tried to score points for a first place, but I never could negotiate any obstacles because the driving in that game are just… Driving a tank with a circular control scheme for advancing and turning is just the most insane thing. I suppose some people get the hang of it, but it’s the most laughable thing I can imagine. I’m shaking my head while smirking. I just can’t believe the game exists. I quit the match after dying, and I go to exit the game. I cannot find the exit. I press every button and go to dozens of menus. I’m often finding myself in different windows that all have pay services for some thing or another. I will probably never know where the exit button for that game is. I had to shut down my phone and restart, and I have uninstalled the game.

A lot of intuitive things in there. Streamlined microtransactions for… repairs of all things. lol What in the world… hahahahaha “Buy 5 fire extinguishers.” I tried googling where the exit button was. I found a bunch of “tutorials” mocking people on PC, revealing the exit button, but I found no link or instruction for the mobile version.

Thanks for the Japanese rank 3 ship. I will never play that garbage again.

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