Warthunder gamemodes

Why do I feel the community doesn’t demand new refreshing gamemodes? Like for me that’s the weaket aspect of the game, the repetition of the same join a random map shoot 10 vs 10 repeate unlimited times, like I’d like to see gamemodes like, protect the convoy, the enemy team has 1 min to set up in ambush locations but are half the number of tanks, same can be done with planes, ships etc, another one can be somewhat of a capture the flag. I don’t know, but in the end another gamemode which isnot the same 10 vs 10 thing.


I had a few gamemode ideas that I wrote out. I posted them but gaijin said it had to be viewed by a moderator first. Didn’t hear or see anything so I think it got passed over or ignored though that was on the old forum. I think the PVE modes are super boring and something a little more combined would be more fun. Like an invasion set up on the Baltic states or the Middle East a little similar to how you can create pve modes in DCS. Where you can have jets trying to intercept you and naval ships, and ground you can strike. It could have a little of everything for Naval players (if they get more modern ships), air rb players, tankers, and heli players. The scale could be larger. All they would have to do is maybe modify the large maps to be able to support tanks and helis. Naval would be a little hard to add since not all the maps work for naval.

Another mode I was thinking was a more reworked EC mode. Something back to what it used to be with you being able to spawn in more than once per game like how it is in Sim just in realistic battles. I don’t get why gaijin removed it in the first place but adding it back would be a good add to the game.

I don’t how others feel but my interests are in more entertaining long games rather than these big maps with short match times. It just feels like gaijin is struggling to have both short modes or longer modes because of “queue time” even though they let sim players make their own games.

Currently maps are getting dumbed down more and more. I think something like new game modes would break the players. Most maps already have 0 room for strategy.

Lot of pressure on this forum to remove 1-cap and 2-cap ground, make it 3-cap only…air domination was a fun new map idea for air AB last update that seems to have been disliked into the ground, same with the naval map with AI guns. Anything like a new mode that’s introduced is pretty much rejected by the player base at this point, it seems.

Or hear me out. We give certain vehicles from certain era’s play with eachother in different scienarios take for example supporting troops across either a field a no-mans-land or even a city street to objectives while the enemy is trying to hold your advance off (a bit like the bomb missions in Enlisted)