Warthunder Call Of The Dragon Post event feedback

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Trash, personally this event is so long and so stupid it’s almost impossible to finish it if you have any sort of life. I don’t so i managed to finish it 4-3 days before the event ends (others finished it in the first week,YES IN THE FIRST WEEK) should you grind it? No,def not literally getting a part time job would be WAY easier then grinding these event Like i am not kidding. all my friends and I have no jobs and we have a break from school or didn’t go to school this year so that’s why we were able to finish it.

suggestion: Max Score for each stage should be 30-35k, there should be only 9 stages with the 9th giving you the Coupon and the Upgraded coupon (tbh just remove the idea of the upgraded coupon it’s really there to be inconvenient). Also the fact that events are running 24/7 all year long with only 3-30 days break in each one is so stupid i mean think about it, first event…second event…third event… then what? the players can’t just grind for ever in this game, it’s literally a FOMO, believe me Lots of players will not buy these event vehicles after they miss it be cause it will be insanly expensive and each day and each hour it will get more expensive, at some Point they’ll prefer buying something else like premium packs to grind entire tech trees and get as many vehicles as they want. this game is becoming more and more grindy in a non direct way, yes ecenomy has gotten better, yes the game became more beginner freindly but any attempt at trying to casually invest some time in this requires from the Player to invest thousands and thousands of hour for meaningless,copy paste,and insanly grindy content for no reason. This game is growing fast but will die fast too if the company doesn’t do something for it’s Playerbase, if they don’t start putting all their effort into actually making a playable game instead of considering it a milking cow, people will just leave it at some point (matter of fact) they’re already are, i know multiple Players who left the game or stopped playing after seeing these events and taking a clear image of how time consuming and requiring this game actually is, and I’ll soon be one of them if this game doesn’t start respecting it’s playerbase and stop treating them like mentally disabled people with open pockets full of money.

And thanks.

P.S: sorry if some words are not typed correctly I don’t feel like reading and correcting everything i said again please use common sense to try and understand what my intention was and i think you understand overall what my point is.


My suggestion:

If you’re going to keep the (imho, crazy) 750k score for the coupon condition, at least make it 750k in ANY mode next time. That way people who want to try for the whole thing in ground can, and those who crave some variety can do their stars in the event mode (ground in this case) and change it up to do some of the rest of the 750k in a different mode if they want. They’re still playing the game, they’ve met the star obligations playing only ground, what difference would it really make if they did some of the extra 40% score to make the vehicle sellable in different modes?

i love this suggestion but it’s really hard to do it, knowing it’s gaijin. lots of people during Air events go and play Air simulator battle which has a method of gathering score,after doing the method they can make Up to 12k score per game without multipliers, after the multipliers that’s almost 40k+ score in a single game which doesn’t even take more then 2 and a half hours, sadly this is Only accessible for people with meta planes meta nations and meta ranks and BR’s, but if you had access to these the event will be basically 10x easier which will draw back the value of the vehicle,which gaijin doesn’t want something like this to happen at all

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Snail greed in full effect and there for all to see

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Bots in naval and Air SB shortcut available to everyone on Youtube. Remove the multipliers for game modes or make them even and I would agree with that, but just for the coupon upgrade.

Isnt there still like 10 hours until the next stage starts where you can get the tank?

I like that in ground battle events, airplanes are not used to get the sales item for the tank, nor that they can make points with airplanes or helicopters to get the ground vehicle

I did the full 750k grind only because I need GJN to buy something else. I don’t have any GJN left right now and I don’t want to spend real money. I don’t play high tiers much and this tank is not even premium, so I don’t need it. On the other hand, this tank is quite original, not a copy-paste clone, so I think I will get a handsome GJN amount for it.

But the upcoming Jaguar plane grindfest, that’s another story. Several similar Jaguar versions available in the tech tree, so I think it will be very cheap and not worth the 750k effort. Pass.

I am surprised that Gaijin even let f2p players grind to get coins without paying money. But I don’t really care how many points the requirement is, the more it is the more valuable the reward will be in the end. And WT isn’t for people who have a life in the first place.

I am by no means a f2p player, over the years I have spent quite a lot on various WT things, but if I have the time and inclination to grind for some free GJN, then why not?

Money is usually spent by people who don’t have time to play, or by bad players who don’t know how to play, those of us who know how to play hahahaha we have everything without spending money, we only spend playing time, when you arrive (which you probably won’t arrive Before you get bored of the game) more than 74,000 games, tell me

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There were players bragging that they did the score with planes in Ground RB very fast. And I’m pretty sure that planes in Ground AB also give you score for the ground event.

I don’t do any events now for at least 4-5 years and for a multitude of reasons including what you said.

I don’t do Battlepass, I don’t do the warbonds or daily’s, I don’t even buy premium account.

The game is much more enjoyable and I play what I like and squad with others, totally stress free.

If I want something I will buy it, I wont let the game dictate what I do. give it a go.

On the flipside - you do get nice stuff if you feel its worth it.

Probably gaijin has the numbers of new players and quitters, also the stats of who pays more ( new players, 1 year accounts, 5 or 10 years vet). A 10 years players with 90% vehicles probably wont pay a BP with a centurion or an event with another jaguar, if also doesn’t buy vehicles then that person is just a “filler” for new buyers players, since is not giving money to gaijin.

The worth or not worth on the event and sell coupon depends on skill and vehicles available ( sorry to say ). Anyway the higher the reward higher the pts needed, a rank 4 won’t need 750k, but of course will be cheaper at market.
( and I think also applies to day score )

About frequency, I guess that the plan is to keep players playing, since while you play you advance in BP and maybe buy it. Also with more events sooner or later some player will like it and but it.

I guess you don’t know that gaijin gets a 15% on market sales 🤦

Although I didn’t give a shit about the event, it showed me that I probably play a bit too much … now I have the thing in my inventory and will probably leave it there for two years …