Warthunder Aim120's problem

So,according to all news aim120 is gonnad drop soon. What now? is gaijin thinking? like with all true honesty are they being serious…, just imagine 16v16 players where EVERYONE is carrying 9ms,r73s,aim120s,R77s in a map like spain. did you imagine? well stop be cause it’s happening, gaijin please this game isn’t ready and will never be ready for this kinda of tech dropping in the current situation of ARB, 16v16 is too much 12v12 is too much 10v10 is too much even 8v8 at this point is too much…like literally the only number of players i think is suitable for you to put your experience and your jet’s capabilities into use is 4v4. and don’t let me mention the game’s servers that are barely working, like imagine 16v16 and everyone is carrying aim120’s at 25% PL…something horrible and literally Unplayable. the only for it to be Unplayable is it for gaijin to nerf these missiles into dirt which really removes the entire point of adding them if they did so.
idk how gaijin would fix this and idk how this could be implemented right without making ARB unplayable but have fun everyone in the future ARB !

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Hug the ground and none will hit you it what people do anyway


multipathing affects arhs also and knowing gaijin theyll probably artificially inflate it and have it so flying low defeats them like sarhs


Honestly the early AIM-120’s should’ve been in game already for non-Russian export countries, the R-27ER being in game and all. I do agree that the maximum player count at top tier (or missile tiers) should be 8v8.


hey I wrote the same stuff when they added the first sparrows

didn’t turn out that bad and I don’t think this will either

This would cause outrage from the countries that can’t get either aim-120 or r-27er

to be fair and Honest,lots of things turned out to be not that bad as people thought, it really all up to gajin to either make it or break it so we’ll see.

To my knowledge, with the aircraft that update Air Superiority brought, every country now has an aircraft that can carry the AIM-120 (if Gaijin makes the F-15A MISP actually the F-15A MISP).

Before that, I think the lineups would look like this (some jets may need later blocks btw, this is a quick search and I want to acknowledge that):

  • USA - F-16A, F-16 ADF (Block 15OCU)
  • Germany - MiG-29
  • Russia - MiG-29
  • Great Britain - Harrier
  • Japan - F-2? F-16AJ?
  • China - F-16A MLU (a Dutch one had AMRAAMs at least)
  • Italy - F-16A ADF
  • France - Mirage 2000D (although the MICA would be pretty OP)
  • Sweden - Viggen (Post-1996 with the new radar)
  • Israel - F-16D

you mean an arh missile? i dont think the mig 29 can carry amraams. also dont forget the j8f also carrying pl 12s, and the f16c bl 50 being the f16c bl 50 it definitely does

I meant like what countries would either already have R-27ER’s or AIM-120’s, yeah

also the barak that isreal has never carried amraams iirc

I mean they could just change the block to one that they do have that carries them, I’m pretty sure at least one block for both F-16C’s and F-16D’s can carry AMRAAMs

You never know they may make on compatible in the future

@_MoYo I don’t mind and no problem gajin add AIM-120 AMRAAM from 90’s (AIM-120A, AIM-120B, AIM-120C-3, AIM-120C4 & Rb.99)

The only benefit they’ll bring is standoff capability, you can still dodge them just like SARHs, which are quite easy to dodge once you develop the skillset.

they have lol with ukraine iirc

Derby is on the table for the F-16s iirc

Keep your expectations low for the new ARH missiles. Specially for the early AMRAAMs. They aren’t going to be anything special. They will perform like a AIM-7M with ARH capability. You can still dodge them. If gaijin ends up messing the AMRAAMs then they are gonna be shit.

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the aim 120 is actually kinematically a lot more efficient than the aim 7m due to it being lighter and less draggy, also pulling more gs. theyll be basically undefeatable kinematically up close

We cant really tell if it’s going to perform realistically in game untill it comes in game.
But we all know gaijin, they always like to mess things up.

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