Warthunder Aim120's problem

i dont see a reason why gaijin wouldnt get the stats for early amraams right at least. theyll probably low ball c5s and up, but the amraam clearly outperforms the sparrow in most metrics.

Well that’s true but I will still keep my expectations low.

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Even AIM-120A has substantially more range than the AIM-7F/M

Yes but they have somewhat similar speed.

120 is like 40% lighter and accelerates a lot faster

i want it to be at least better then the R27ER and the R-77 be cause if it isn’t then this is a blatant joke,the R27ER is already buffed. and irl it was a bad missile and barely worked.


And those aircraft definetly are not equal to each other while carrying active radar missiles and while not carrying them.

The only ones that aren’t equal imo are the Harrier and Mirage 2000D, all the other ones aren’t too different in flight performance.

for italy add AV-8B plus he can carry between 4/6 AIM 120

Pull out a better plane for british. 2000D isn’t that bad. Pretty sure if the british had only harrier to carry active radar missiles they would be outraged lol. I can’t imagine anything happening but the harrier getting slapped. You can’t force a kill with those especially with all the ground hugging and what not. Imagine the BR rise?

Nah they can do some harrier gaming. Just rush midmap and then sit there with VTOL on. Now you’re notching everyone and can shoot AMRAAM back at them

just… don’t get shot at by 9M

I’m not really sure what else they fielded, I could find information pretty easily for the other countries through a basic search but not for the british

Thats some wishful thinking. You can’t defend at all when a ground hugger attacks you. Sadly harrier gaming only works at the BR the aircraft is right now at…