Warbond shop questions

This is a very complex system with battlepass. I get that if you figure it out you figure it out, but I am looking through the different menus with battlepass, and I’m looking up official wikis and player youtubes. I still don’t fully understand what’s going on here. This thread can be for others that have questions.

My main question is when does the shop reset? Some youtube players say it changes vehicles each month, but it still has the same ones as November. I figured it had to stick for the entire battlepass because of the 40 special task tokens which couldn’t possibly reset each month, but there’s just no way to figure all this stuff out without trial and error while letting it play out. Does the shop reset but the special task count not?

Is 151 the max battlepass level per available points?
How many warbonds are attainable per month?
The shop contents are fixed per battlepass or per month?
Do you need to do every special task to reach 151?
If there’s more points available than 151, what happens when you pass it?
I could go on and on. Some of these questions do not have any published answers.

From my understanding, it used to change every month but it is now tied to the battlepass. There should be a timer with the time until the warbond shop reset on its page in-game, i believe top left corner?

I do not know of the true max battlepass lvl but, other than those tickets to unlock the next battlepass, you just get more warbonds and a loading screen.
To get to lvl151, you would most likely have to do all of the battlepass tasks and some special tasks.

Warbond contents will stay for the whole battlepass season.

Ah ok so those youtube videos were out of date.
Yeah the timer you’re talking about. There’s your shop level, a number with “d” in parenthesis, and there’s a red line underneath it like a progress bar. It is damn minimalist and too jumbled together to suffice as a shop timer.

I’ve tried doing the math which is damn tedious with all the variations in login point values. I think you can get 151 without doing all the special tasks, but then where does it go if you do all of them. The Title for the battlepass is Free, so I presume you can get it without buying the pass boost which is 15 levels. That would mean there would be levels beyond 151. Unless there aren’t, and you can’t reach the title without the boost.
This is just insane.

Before you sink money into this battle pass:
If you consider the history event to get player icons a scam, then the battlepass is the mother of all scams. I can’t imagine you would enjoy this. And for this pass, you are way too late really.


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I once bought the battle pass, and had 40 special tasks completet. Did not make it to the title. All, or possibly near all, daily logins were used aswell.

I am battlepassing from the start. You will not find the answers to my questions in those wikis. Of the 100% total info that can be known about the intricacies of these events, there is only the basics listed for starting people out. I don’t think it’s that scammy. It’s a seasonal grind for unique vehicles with some hardcore bonuses. And all the challenges are easily visible.

I did the math a while back, and I think I calculated it out to where you had to do more than half of the available special tasks from doing every daily task.

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Yeah yeah, before the BP was implemented, the Warbond Shop itself and everything in it reset each month, the only thing that remained was your Warbond total, up to 3600 . . . and that part is still the same with the BP, it just resets every 90 days or 4 times a year. The tasks/challenges change and so do some, but not all, of the Warbond Shop’s items. But it works out pretty well . . by the time you’ve done as much as you want to in the BP, time for a new one, so you can do as much, or as little as you want. I don’t really grind for vehicles so much anymore, I just do the BP stuff. Daily tasks & Challenges when I can do them. I run it out past lvl 125 so I can do it again the next time for free. So it’s a good deal for me and what I do here when I play. Once you get it sorted, how it works & find the things you can do better/faster it gets pretty easy to deal with. But that is different for everyone really . . .
Good Luck

-yes, max level 151
-warbond amount depend on free or purchased one. 4780 at level 80 ( top vehicle lvl 75 ), then is 80x10 ( 10 items per bp page ) or 100x10 but this is with the purchase
-shop items are per battle pass, top left you have the day count

This is a good points guide, at bottom u have full completition and only logg ins
WT Battle Pass Clearing - Google Spreadsheets

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Why is that not in the wiki?
Just add up all the points.

But depending on your thinking, you get higher than 151

Do you know how tedious that is to do?

I can’t make sense of this crap.

The pages of the battlepass rewards change based on which level you are, and there isn’t a full set of 10 warbonds rewards, or there’s very few because they mixed in some random rewards like the background and coupons.

I’m just saying it’s extremely freaking tedious to calculate all this nonsense. It would be nice if WT put all the details in the wiki. It’s also annoying to have to convert points to pass levels which I know seems easy to do because of points being a factor of 10, but it’s just annoying. Also 0 is 10 instead of 10 being 10 and each level starting at 1. It’s just a ton of tedious little minute factoring that drives me insane. I want to know how many warbonds I can possibly get per season to plan what things to buy from the shop, but it is the most damn tedious shop with the cap which means buying off random items. It’s just the most ridiculous thing in the history of gaming to try to plan.

Nope, you can get even to more than 200, but the reward stays the same(in the first BP i got to Level 243)

Previous battlepass seasons are likely not the same as the next. I’m just assuming.
So you’re saying if I do every special task and daily task with logins and challenges, I will go past the listed rewards, but I will receive 80 spacebux per level?

Just proves my point how complicated this system is. Most youtube videos already become bloated in length for having to explain how special task medals are earned and bux to earn tasks etc because this is already complicated at first engagement.

Btw I think the battlepass is a great concept for a grind. I support it completely even though I think it detracts from some styles of play because of the nature of many of the tasks. But this shop and all this crap can be so much more easily explained. There needs to be an introductory wiki and an advanced wiki. All the variables and points can’t be condensed into one article for novice player.

beyond 77 you get pretty much only warbonds items (8-9-10), you can use 8x warbond to semi calculate the amount

yes, is totally tedious, but you need to check what you want :) just for vehicles and ~4000 warbons you need little more than loggins ( lvl 60 ) if the calculation is right
to get coupons you need a lot, challenges and special task ( math wont help since you need to comlete all )

4780 level 80
5500 lvl 87
6300 97
7060 107
8060 117
8960 127
9960 137
10960 147
11240 151

PS : lvl 80 is the last big one with 850

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Right right ok. It’s just a lot of numbers to digest.
I figure ultimately you’re just supposed to react to the gains instead of plan ahead or maybe plan for which thing you want next instead of long term goals with the shop. Like if you have all the vehicles already or don’t want some, you will have to dump off into Talismans.

Also the thing about the bonds is, you can calculate the total all you want, but you don’t know how many special tasks you will decide to complete which detracts from the gains because you have to spend bux to get tasks for levels. It drives me @#@#$*@& INSANE

It’s almost like there should be a different bux sink instead of special tasks, so you can better math it out in a simple matter. Devs are probably thinking it is simple because 80-30 makes 50 which makes simpler tallying, but I want to rip my brain out and hammer it.

Reason for the difficulties, is I don’t want to feel like I made a huge mistake by buying something instead of something else. It’s difficult to optimize a route, and it seems like there is no cap on the pass. It just seems to drift off the rails into the mist.

If you want vehicles but get more warbonds ( use or waste ) there are few things to do : boosters ( no limit time, i use a lot ) bushes or road signals, profile icons. What is your goal ?

depending on the reward it unlocks or levels, then you check the cahllenges you think you will do ( I dont do naval, so I discount that )

tell me your plan