War Thunder's naval battles have very serious balance issues

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Naval battles differ significantly from ground battles, where even with a 1br lower battle rating, ground vehicles can often easily penetrate the side armor of enemy tanks. However, the same does not hold true for naval battles.

Allow me to illustrate this with a simple example: the Atlanta, equipped with 16 main guns, over 600 crew members, and armored protection; in comparison to the Moffett, featuring 8 main guns, fewer than 200 crew members, and no armor. I believe any naval player can effortlessly operate the Atlanta to destroy multiple Moffetts, yet their battle ratings differ by only 0.3, which is evidently unreasonable.

Recently, while playing the Mikhail Kutuzov, I observed that over half of the battles I joined were at the 7.0 br. As mentioned earlier, my 152mm main guns cannot penetrate the armor of battleships from any angle, while battleships can easily obliterate me with a single salvo.

Furthermore, in naval battles, upon entering the game, my ship has no cover between it and the enemy, akin to using Panzer IV Tanks engaging an IS-3 head-on in a flat plain at 2000m. The Panzer IV Tanks would have no chance of destroying the IS-3.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that the newly introduced Roanoke cruiser exhibits significantly higher strength. It boasts twice the firing rate, better armor, and more crew members compared to the Mikhail Kutuzov, yet they share the same br, which is also evidently unjust.
However, I believe naval battles might indeed be challenging to balance. If the current highest battle rating for naval battles is raised to 7.7, what would be the battle rating for future battleships like the Nelson-class and Richelieu-class, as well as other battleships manufactured after 1930? I think 8.7 might not be sufficient, and as a result, battleships would end up in battles against jet bombers equipped with CCIP. This, in turn, poses another difficulty in achieving balance.
Alternatively, adjusting rewards could be considered. Attacking opponents with higher battle ratings could result in significantly increased Silver Lions and research point rewards, while attacking opponents with lower battle ratings would lead to substantial reductions in rewards.

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Naval trees need complete overhaul if they want to keep it combined with airplanes and if they want to progress into missile ships.

They should have started with ww1 ships, boats and subs and model them with all mechanics. Then progress toward cold war and introduce all that cool tech. Just like they did with tanks and airplanes. Basically base the BR on full capability of vessel, including radar, fire control, sonar, etc. Not by diameter of cannon…

Imagine if they did the same with airplanes. Adding A-10 in 2015 placing it on 7.0 but not adding missiles or anything because that mechanic is not in game yet.

However, the current role of radar and sonar in the game is almost not reflected; the strength of a warship is almost entirely determined by its main gun caliber, rate of fire, and armor.

Naval has not only balance issues but server issues. Imagine getting disconnected mid match alongside 99% of the lobby and the last guy who didn’t get disconnected is an enemy. Auto loss. It is way more common than you think, especially at br 5.3 and above.

Never happened to me.

Go to br 5.3 and above in naval. Over 75% of matches entire teams will get kicked out by the servers

I play only 7.0 and it never kicked me.

I’ve had a couple of games sudden disconnect at 5.3. I haven’t played any higher yet, but I didn’t experience it before then. Once I realized the symptoms, I started Alt+F4ing out of the game, reloading back into match and cleaning up. Usually only 1 or 2 players active, can achieve some killer scores.
It’s not common. For some reason, I more often get disconnected at the end of the match, without getting a score screen. Little frustrating that I can’t verify my score for the marks of distinction, but I am starting to wonder if the disconnect has something to do with those marks.