War Thunders game modes are trash

Gameplay in War Thunder is like driving a Ferrari around a parking lot.

You can regonize that it’s an amazing machine but your interraction with it was as shallow as a puddle.

I have never seen a studio deliberately limit gameplay options so drastically.

Sim is the ONLY game mode that provides some depth but the whole Sim experience is niche in War Thunder and better served by other games.

God forbid you want some depth to game play in Arcade or Realistic and you’ll find yourself thrusted into a 5 to 12 minute team deathmatch designed for a 12 year old tiktok addict.

It’s no wonder why there’s so many bots in this game. The game play is so simplistic, coding a bot would be like 10 lines of code. Go here, bomb. Go here, shoot, repeat. This is one of the few games ill play for hours and not remember a single interesting moment.

How is this acceptable?

I understand that every multiplayer game needs to have some short form gameplay. But unless you want to figure out sim, that’s all War Thunder has to offer. Short form, shallow gameplay.

Somehow we still dont have RB EC. Somehow Gaijin still wastes their time developing WWM only for it to be a temporary game mode.

Where is a big combined arms Arena game mode? Ive played games like Over G Fighters developed nearly 20 years ago that have deeper multiplayer gameplay.

I mean who tf was asking for some RTS tabletop game to be overlayed on top of War Thunders shallow gameplay? Nobody was.

People were asking for an arena combined arms. People were asking for more development of enduring confrontation (EC).

Players want substance in their game. They dont always want a cheap happy meal. Where’s this substance today? The only substance i see is a beautiful vehicle library.

War Thunders game modes are trash and designed only to grind.


It appears the combat vehicle genre isn’t for you…
Since your complaints seem to be aimed at the genre itself.

Sim is just RB with a different perspective, which is DCS. All sharing the same “depth”.

Which requires an AI overhaul, and of course Gaijin is the only company making game modes with their tools.
Other games the players are forced to make their own, and it usually has more flaws.

These comments are asinine. OP is trying to make the game better

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Sim air and RB air totally have the same depth

No, copypaste sim EC over and change to RB and a shit ton of people would rejoice.


Having played hundreds of ours of sim EC since 2019, and it causing my American air grind entirely… yeah, I can safely say it’s air RB from a different perspective.
Learning that perspective? It was different. After I learned it though, I play sim less even if I enjoyed using the Mig-21MF later last year.

The issue with the game modes is that the game is PVP priority, which it needs to be with the current AI.
All the neat PVE features I and everyone else wants requires the AI to do more complicated things.
One of which includes using vehicles… No, seriously the AI in War Thunder cannot use vehicles currently.

There’s a dedicated AI FM, and AI ground model.
They are not subject to the limitations of the vehicles they’re pretending to be.
Which is how we get mach 3 Yak-38s, and 80KPH M60s.

Sim is just RB with a different perspective, which is DCS. All sharing the same “depth”.

Digital Combat Simulator?