War Thunder Trial: Holding Gaijin Accountable For their handling of early to late - mid tier

Chapter 1: The Flood of Subpar SPAA

TL;DR: Gaijin’s influx of lackluster SPAA vehicles from Finland, Hungary, and Israel raises significant concerns regarding their commitment to maintaining game balance and quality.

Counter Argument: Gaijin’s decision to introduce a wide range of vehicles from various nations enriches the game’s diversity and historical authenticity, offering players a broader selection to choose from.

Hard Counter: While diversity is commendable, inundating the game with subpar vehicles that fail to fulfill their designated roles undermines the integrity of gameplay and frustrates players. Gaijin must prioritize quality over quantity to maintain a fair and enjoyable experience for all.

Chapter 2: Misguided SPAA Usage

TL;DR: The introduction of ineffective SPAA vehicles seems to promote their misuse as light tanks or SPGs, disrupting team dynamics and strategic gameplay.

Counter Argument: Players should have the freedom to experiment with different vehicle roles and adapt their strategies to suit their playstyle, enhancing the game’s versatility and replayability.

Hard Counter: Encouraging players to misuse SPAA vehicles detracts from the game’s tactical depth and undermines team coordination. Gaijin must ensure vehicles are properly balanced and effective in their intended roles to foster a competitive and engaging environment.

Chapter 3: Neglected Mid-tier Gameplay

TL;DR: Gaijin’s neglect of mid-tier gameplay in favor of high-tier content has left a significant portion of the player base without meaningful updates or new vehicle options.

Counter Argument: Prioritizing high-tier content caters to the desires of experienced players and maintains the game’s competitiveness and relevance in the market.

Hard Counter: Ignoring the mid-tier gameplay experience alienates a substantial portion of the player base and jeopardizes the game’s long-term sustainability. Gaijin must strike a balance between high-tier and mid-tier content to ensure all players have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Chapter 4: Muzzle Flash and Bug Fixes

TL;DR: Persistent technical issues such as muzzle flash and ammunition mix-ups and much more. have been acknowledged by Gaijin but remain unresolved, negatively impacting gameplay quality.

Counter Argument: Addressing technical issues requires time and resources, and Gaijin may be prioritizing other development tasks to enhance overall gameplay experience.

Hard Counter: Neglecting to address longstanding technical issues undermines player confidence in Gaijin’s commitment to quality and diminishes the overall enjoyment of the game. Gaijin must prioritize bug fixes and technical improvements to uphold player satisfaction and maintain a positive gaming environment.

Chapter 5: Looking Ahead

TL;DR: Despite ongoing challenges, War Thunder’s core gameplay remains enjoyable, but significant improvements and changes are necessary for a truly immersive and satisfying experience.

Counter Argument: War Thunder continues to attract a dedicated player base and offers a unique blend of historical accuracy and immersive gameplay, distinguishing it from other titles in the genre.

Hard Counter: While War Thunder’s core gameplay may be enjoyable, Gaijin’s failure to address player concerns and implement necessary improvements risks alienating the community and undermining the game’s long-term success. Gaijin must actively engage with player feedback and prioritize meaningful changes to ensure the game’s continued growth and relevance in the gaming industry.

Suggestion for Improvement:

In light of the issues highlighted in the chapters above, here are some suggestions on how Gaijin can improve the situation in War Thunder:

  1. Quality Control Over Quantity: Gaijin should prioritize quality over quantity when introducing new vehicles, ensuring that each addition contributes positively to game balance and player enjoyment.
  2. Clearer Role Definition: SPAA vehicles should be clearly defined in their roles and capabilities, discouraging their misuse as light tanks or SPGs. This can be achieved through better vehicle design and in-game tutorials.
  3. Mid-tier Gameplay Focus: Gaijin needs to shift some attention towards mid-tier gameplay, providing meaningful updates and new vehicle options for this segment of the player base.
  4. Swift Bug Fixes: Technical issues such as muzzle flash and ammunition mix-ups should be addressed promptly to enhance gameplay quality and player satisfaction. Gaijin must prioritize bug fixes and technical improvements to maintain a positive gaming experience.
  5. Community Engagement: Gaijin should further engage with player feedback and concerns, implementing necessary improvements and changes to address player needs. Transparent communication and regular updates on development progress can help build trust and confidence among the player base.

By implementing these suggestions, Gaijin can work towards creating a more balanced, enjoyable, and engaging experience for all War Thunder players.

If you all may, share you thought’s about this subject.

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Thats a lot of words just to say, please have better SPAA and more midtier content.


Well got to get my point across and settle any counter statements that may arise.

Additionally its not exclusively about that, its also about the games Bug fixes that should be a much higher priority than it is, And about looking ahead to make sure all players are treated equal.

This makes no sense as everyone who plays the game, plays with the same parameters everyone else does. There is not one group of people who are treated different so your talk about equality is completely out of place. Just because you priorities things a certain way, it doesnt mean that everyone else has to priorities to the same thing. They have a lot going on with ongoing development and that means some things have to get set lower in priority.

You’re correct in noting that players may have varying priorities. However, the focus on SPAA improvement, mid-tier content, and bug fixes isn’t just about personal preferences; it’s about addressing fundamental aspects that impact gameplay for everyone.

Yes, while Gaijin juggling multiple tasks is an ongoing thing as of now, it’s essential to maintain balance. Prioritizing critical issues alongside long-term planning ensures a consistent enjoyable experience for more players. Ultimately, addressing these concerns isn’t about favouring one group over another but about optimizing the game for pretty much everyone’s benefit.

Now good sir i bid you good night from sweden.

More mid tier would be nice, the cold war era really needs fleshing out.

SPAA too, obviously.

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