War Thunder Need new game modes!

The current game modes including Ground and Air RB was actually rleased in 2014 or even earlier.
And the situation right now is that the most attactive parts of WarThunder seems to be like the new tanks and jets.

However, as we can see that vechicles can be updated in to the game is getting less and less, War Thunder do need innovation in game modes to keep attractive and competitive.

I believe that most of players is the same like me, we spent a lot of time and energy to play war thunder, some of us even paid a lot as well.

Take myself as a example, I started playing WarThunder since 2014 in Chinese Server by Tencent, when I was only a 13-year-old boy in junior high school. I knew it through a Chinese Youtuber called “CRAZY262”, as he said this game is realistic. He particularly introduced about how damage are calculated in WarThunder, which have foundamental difference with other game lile World of Tanks. I was attracted by this.

So I started playing. Until now, I still remember many moments with WarThunder, like when the first time I have the Tiger, it was like an unreal dream for me. “I can control my tank, I can fire its 88mm gun and destroy other tanks!!!, I am unbeatalbe with my lovely Tiger!”. Or when I first have the top tier tank the “little mouse” and powerful T10M. At my teenage time, WarThunder was always be my best friend on weekends.

I remember that we Chinese players will make jokes about Gaijin’s CEO Anton, as he was the man behind WarThunder that time. Gradually, we started making jokes about BVVD. I remember I first know about BVVD because of the release of T64BV, as the group said that "this tank will be unable to destroy because it has the same name as our leader. "

Also I remember I will watch Phly’s vidieo reprinted to Bilibili, that’s a lot of fun XD.

However, the Chinese Server was shut down as the players were less and less. It was all gone, my Tiger, my Leopard A4, my little mouse. All of them gone, with my memory as a teenager.

I was quite frustrated and sad about their loss. My heart was broken.

BUT, I still love this game. I came to the international sever this year. Started from T72AV, now I have many tanks including the more powerful modern tanks.

From 2014 to 2023, War Thunder has become a game including a bulk of old fashion and most modern tank and aircraft, while I have become a college graduate. Here comes the 10th year of us.

I really wanna see the game becoming better and better, I sincerely advice Gaijin to give new change, new life to this great game.



Overall, nice story. Was tearing up a bit, jerked off to feel manly again. But I dont see any ideas for new game modes.

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Yeah actually I’m calling for Gaijin to act(maybe I should send an email lol). There are a lot of discussion about it, I believe the wisdom of players can really work XD.

Did you just suddenly realize that WT is really just the same game played over and over again on a couple of dozen scenarios?

I know it. The point is that obviously the vechicles can be updated is getting less and less. Now l2a7 and su27 or something can attract players to play it. But l2a7 is the newest tank in German right now, so I feel a little bit nervous about it

LOL, LMAO even.