War Thunder Mobile Submarines

Submarines in WT Mobile are a pest: are totally OP

1_ homing torpedoes, what the hell are this 180° turn on a dime homing torpedoes
2_ have no penalty to damage, keep working as if nothing has hitted them
3_ underwater (periscope depth) are inmmune to shells, cause for some reason high caliber shells can’t do any damage to a Sub at that depth
4_ submerge / surface time are impossible, it should be way slower, as now the are able to submerge before shells can hit the conning tower, or worst an entire surfaced sub.
5_ you get a 1% damage for hit, by hitting them at persicope depth
6_ they can spam torpedoes at a completly unrealistic rate

This needs to change, basicaly most of the naval battles needs to be reworked, at the moment is a mindless point and pump shells brainlessly.



You do know this is WT forums. Not WT mobile forums, right??


Yall really play WT mobile?

Yall got phones?

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Yall really have a life?

Yall actually have a clue?

Jup couldn’t find the WT Mobile forum

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Then why post it here…

There’s a couple of posts on the forum from the mobile users, it’s not unacceptable.

In fact, it’s fine.


Same developers, maybe that’s why

They don’t have homing torpedoes, but they are capable of turning and firing in any direction chosen.

It’s iffy, but you absolutely can damage them. The aiming system doesn’t help, though.

wdym 24 torpedoes per minute is too much?

But two different games…

Whenever subs come over to the main game, essentially the only thing they’ll share with their WTM versions is the 3D model. The gameplay is obviously purely arcade (in the proper sense, not WT’s AB which is still “sim-lite”) and won’t carry over.

The recent-ish sub event is more representative of how they’ll work, and even that wasn’t complete and also adjusted for the sake of testing (crush depth, etc).

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Naval in WTM is a joke, it sad cause the GB are good, it reminds me on how bad World of Warplanes was

The aiming system is one of the worst aspects of the game, no idea why there’s no a manual aiming

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Not the WTM forums. This is the WT forums.

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Do you have a link to the WTM forum?

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There’s no WTM forum


We need a new section made to allow these guys to post here and be exposed to the rest of the community xD