War thunder mobile restarted

Hey guys,

(TLDR) Does anyone have an issue with their WT mobile account or is it just me.

I primarily play WT on Xbox and I am a relatively low level for American, Soviet and German tanks and some planes. I have started playing WT mobile and I have really been enjoying it as a pass time and for some genuinely great competitive play. A few of my friends IRL and I all get together and play WTm here and there. I have purchased premium time many times and I have a great deal of time invested into the game. I have lots of hard to get collections of tanks and event items and I’m really into the game overall.

With all of that being said, for War Thunder mobile, I have lost all access to my account and I have no ability to sign into my account. Three of my friends all have had the same issue. We all have Apple IPhones and we all use protected internet connections and WiFi.

I have mad a report ticket on Gaijins support website and I am patiently waiting for a response.

Does anyone else have this issue
If so can you please leave a response so I can see if I’m alone.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it a to whoever responds.


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Yep same here. Only realised when I started it this morning and it asked me to click the terms and conditions and then kicked me back to the tutorial missions. Tried to log in with e-mail and my apple account with the same out come, right back at the start.

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Same, hopefully gets patched. If all of my progress is gone, I will be thoroughly disappointed as I have spent hours grinding. Don’t understand how something like this could happen.

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Sorry for the issues :(
If you are facing a problem while logging into the game, please try logging in a little later today.
Your accounts are perfectly fine, no vehicles and money are missing, all your πŸ’Ž valuables and progress will remain intact.
If you want to discuss WT Mobile or need any more assistance, please join our WT Mobile discord

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Thank you so much. I truly appreciate the reply! Yes I see my account is still there, maybe support will help me regain access to the account somehow/sometime in the near future.

Yes that’s what happened to my friends and I. It’s so odd that it happened like that. I’m not sure how to even log into my account without using the Apple login, because I used the Apple account to make my WTm acct.

Exactly. I spent some decent change on the game and I grinded out the past two main events for the Tiger 1 squad and the naval vessels.

UPDATE: 2/27/24 3:41Pm (EST)

My account has been restored and I am back on action! Thank you to everyone who responded and thank you to the community member in the thread! Thank you all!

-Missingmayhem13 πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘