War thunder may sale

So there is may sale, right. And I need help by choosing best experience vehicle, I mean vehicle that plays the best and very fun to. Also I don’t care about vehicle nation cause even if it will be in nation that I didn’t research I would play, have fun and research effectively. Thanks.

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You don’t need any of them really and what you may want as a newer player and what you may want as a veteran are different.

You do need to say where you are in the game and if you mean a plane or a tank.


OTOH, in for a pinch in for a pound.
Might as well put the CC on turbo and buy the bundles to get the bulk “deal”. lol…
(i’m kidding, don’t do that).

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Yeah, it is hard to say what would be a good/ideal vehicle for another player as we all have different playstyles/skill sets. Of course there are some vehicles that are pretty good no matter who is using them. But as mentioned, be easier to help if we knew what vehicle type, plane/tank etc. you are interested in and where you may be sitting in the various trees and your level and so on . . . more info would aid in getting better suggestions for you.

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Like I have said so many times (yes I do bore myself) I would not spend a penny if I had my time again. I would care less about a game that cost me nothing and maybe enjoy it more.

I could say buy SAV 20.12.48 as a big offensive barrel of laughs but how long before Gaijin ramps its BR up so its worthless? Plus you have to be artful using cover to survive in the damn thing so a new player may not thank me when he gets killed by a machine gun :)

P47 ,T34 cant go wrong but all in the game for free anyway. Keep your cash in your pocket.

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I did take the bait and bought the SAV, but the only other time I’ve given in to the Snail is to buy GE for crew skills to make the game actually playable.
Other than that, there are hundreds of “free” vehicles that I probably will never unlock, why buy more?

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I’d personally get the KA-50, as that’s what Im personally about to buy, as the pack is 30$ when on the 50% off sale, gives you 2k GE, and a week of premium time I believe, and there’s an easily obtained lineup for Russia just by using squadron RP, the БМП-2M, the T-80УК, the Су-22M3 or Smthn. Not to mention how busted its flight performance and other things are in game, I play sim pretty regularly, and it’s the best stick-handing helicopter out there IMHO.

Honestly, buy what makes you happy, that’s what I did with my first premium tank, and had a blast with it.

I would advise any newer player to not spend for at least 3-6 six months but I know that advice will fall on deaf ears as I know what I was like as a newbie. Just couldn’t wait for things that I would get for free anyway soon.

Crew skills are money well spent I guess if you are on Console and want to try and even the odds a tiny bit but the F2P guys are even calling for crew skills to be nerfed or scrapped and Gaijin will probably oblige them.

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Doubtful. Gaijin can’t/won’t undo something that is directly monetized like items bought with GE. Players can complain all they want, but its a baked in PTW gimmick that I don’t think they could unwind even if they wanted to (which they don’t).

I wrote a sale guide if you want, but I would highest recommend that you get premiums at the tier you are currently at. It will give you a better experience than a high tier one if you’re new.

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They did just that with bushes. Now they can be shot away in seconds with MG fire

Even worse playing it in AB…

dies of death

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For a supposedly easier game arcade can be brutal.

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