War Thunder Laptop performance issues

So playing this game on a brand new laptop for a year and a half now, I’ve experienced the slow decrease in framerate in War Thunder, when the laptop was unpacked, I’ve ran this game on stable 90+ fps on high graphics, but now not even a 60 stable fps, I’ve switched to lower graphics(ultra low rn), but despite having high fps in menu and pre-battle, the battle goes in average 35-40 fps.
Is anyone familiar with same problem? My laptop is always plugged and runs this game in “gaming mode”, I don’t think that RTX3050 can’t run this game smoothly…

ja by som sa tak isto pridal po poslednej aktualizácii mi padlo fps na 10, ešte aj v menu? neviete kde je problém, nemám najnovší notebook, ale doteraz mi to šlapalo od tých 70 do 100 fps. teraz je to uplne nehrateľné

Same here. Never had a gaming laptop but I used to run 90 Fps medium graphics. Not its 50-60 on Ultra Low