War Thunder "Kings of Battle" - Changelog

Very much agree, would be much better for the community and the game

You also point and click in ground RB… you dont even have to lock, just left click

As others pointed out the “Skill bonus” should be based on score, since passive score gain was removed a long time ago there’s no way to “farm” score points passively.

I believe it would help push a healthier environment for players since people would likely get less frustrated by “kill steals” or assists in general.

Spawn camping will now be the most optimal way to play since kills have the potential to double your reward, why take the risk to capture points ? Kills aren’t the only way to win games nor is it the only metric to express skill as someone with a lot of assists or a lot of caps did as much if not more than someone with a lot of kills and they all should be rewarded the same.

Please reconsider that mechanic.


I don’t like that the RP bonuses only apply to kills.

It disincentivizes people from doing game winning contributions like capping and playing for the objective, which was already a big ask for people to do. It also incentivizes people to kill-steal even more (I don’t personally see kill-steal as an issue but many people do).

If there’s a bonus to be applied, it should be applied to not only kills but caps, assists and critical hits.

But having played over 10 games since the update, I am 99% certain that you guys have (severely) neutered RP gain anyway. With premium account and at +10.0 BR, it would take me one good game to make upwards of 10k RP.

I’ve had 3 OK-ish games in a row. All victories, averaging 3.33 kills per game (so extra bonus applied + premium) and yet I’ve only made about 3k RP progress towards my next vehicle.

Gaijin can’t seem to give us something nice, without sucker-punching us in the balls for it.


If only Israeli and Finnish voices were updated, why are my voice mods for all nations no longer working?

Please consider changing the skill bonus so that it includes assist and caps as well, or change it to be completely based on Score. As it is right now it only promotes kill stealing, CAS, and makes no difference to vehicles that are more of a support role and do not get many kills by design.


https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/17lcf2g/road_map_following_the_roadmap_skill_bonuses_in/ see that post. if that mechanic is based on number of kills, kill stealing will be bigger problem.

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I think it also further encourages people to leave after dying once in their premiums.

It’s always been a big issue at high BR (as far as I’m concerned THE biggest issue because games effectively only lasted 3 mins before one side had already won or lost due to one-tank’ers) due to people buying their way into high BRs without researching the entire tree.

Which was never fixed (giving 15 backups is NOT a solution Gaijin).

Now that kills are rewarded far more than anything else, they have even less of a reason to play a lower BR vehicle after dying the first time because their chances of getting a kill is so much lower.

If support actions granted meaningful rewards, it’d actually be worthwhile for people to play support vehicles and lower BR tanks.

Or god forbid, actually play the objective to try and win the game rather than just snipe the entire match.

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gaijin should give 1 free backup if player joined the battle only with one vehicle also without spawn point penalty… this way people will actually play without leave after death.

Air Sim deeply need an update for the RP reward. It’s abyssal right now. for 2 hours game the amount of reward is disappointed. The update don’t even mention Air SB for the rp reward.

can gaijin please fix the premium mirage f1c snebs when pulling turns



It’s literally every Matra Rocket pods that does this.

Please change the skill bonus from being based on kills to being based on score! Playing the objective and assisting your team should be the focus, not purely getting as many kills as possible. This is a great idea, but it needs to reward people for the right reasons!


Echoing everyone else here, a score based bonus is far better in terms of reducing toxicity than a kill based one. Kills are just a single metric for a player’s impact in battle. An important one, but just one.

There are a multitude of other ways a player can contribute to their team’s chances of winning that are just as impactful, or arguably more. Capping, most obviously, but there are also tanks that excell at scouting and disabling tanks over killing them, tanks like the AUBL, Wiesel, AML-90, any tank that’s fast and small but with a weak gun. These tanks get largely overlooked by the new bonus, in favor of tanks that focus entirely on killing.

The singular focus on killing will have another side effect, increased annoyance over “kill stealing”. This was a somewhat minor issue in ground RB before, since you could never know how disabled an enemy tank was, so securing the kill was just as much around self preservation and protecting teammates as it was claiming a kill for yourself. And an assist wasn’t a bad consolation prize.

Now though, since the RP people are getting are now directly tied to kills, securing as many kills as possible now will take complete priority. People securing your kills for you will be seen as stealing the bonus from you.

It’s even worse because the bonus is strictly binary. Now, if you get 5 kills, and the 6th gets “stolen” from you at the last second, then 35% bonus RP will be “stolen” from you as well. Same issue at 2 and 8 kills. This is going to end up pissing a lot of players off, and is going to lead to a lot of toxicity.

Simply put, a score based system would be far more equitable to more vehicles, and less toxic.


100% AGREE ON THIS, stop making players hunt for kills, it leads to killstealing and nothing else.
SCORE and MAP OBJECTIVES. This is also a good moment to diversify the objectives on the maps!!

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I think the RP bonuses being based on score would’ve been better as it would incentivize people to play objectives rather go for kills. Also even fully completing a mission to the end should result in an RP bonus to incentivize non-one death leavers.

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Since the update grass is not showing when playing planes or helicopters? 🥲

Technically it supports 4.3 to 8.7

Mostly because im not gonna count the ZSU-57-2 as spaa. And im also not gonna call the Bkan 1c spaa. The latter can certainly do the job.