War Thunder "Kings of Battle" - Changelog

Any chance the skill bonus can be tied to score rather than kills? While getting kills is obviously an important metric when measuring one’s performance and contribution to both the team, it doesn’t tell the full story. Other actions, such as repairing, scouting, capturing objectives, and assists from crippling enemies should factor into getting the bonus as well.

I just believe this is a more holistic approach. In this way, kills are still one of the largest factors, but now other actions can be taken into account. And ideal this will have a more positive affect on player psychology. I’m strong believer that in-game incentives shape how players behave and what they prioritize and one of my fears with the current approach is that players will be further incentivized to play each match like it’s team deathmatch - focused purely on getting kills, at the cost of assisting teammates and playing the objective. Not to mention I imagine this would increase frustration with perceived “kill stealing” and in turn have the unintended side effect of players being even more toxic towards one another than usual.

Hope this didn’t come off as too critical. Overall I believe this is a step in the right direction and boon to us as players. I just thinking with a bit of refinement it can be even better! Thank you for the hard work you pour into the game!


Please remove the Test site map from 9.0 and up. Its a completely flat map where you have to drive in the lower situated roads to survive at top tier. It was fine for the event, but even though people enjoyed it there it should not have been added to the normal map rotation unconditionally.

Please change the skill bonus to score instead of kills. Tying it to kills, it does nothing for people actually playing the objective or assistance like scouting and disabling shots. It also reinforces unhealthy focus on going for kills which leads to spawncamping and such.

Please make assist count for 0.5 kills in the skill bonus, to be able to manage killstealing.

Do not make it a score thing → it would be meaningless to call it “Skill Bonus” if it’s based on pure score

Contributing,… you contribute by getting killed,… how is this score contribution is near “Skill”

You got contribution for capturing bases, or destroying AI units when no Player threat is around.

How can score can then be considered as Skill equivalent to action where your in game life is not in danger?

Just ask for assist being counted for 0.5kills this would be enough.

For bomber, the rate of bombing bases can be changed, as they did for SPAAG while killing aircrafts is more rewarding than killing tanks.

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THANK YOU for nerfing the xm-1 shell just after the PS store sales. Such a wonderful company, why not recalculate the penetration of the Turms. The blow out panels are also not working since the update. Why even consider touching stuff that has been working for years. I’ll be there when the next round of downvoting starts, you cash-loving community-hating bug-creating game developers.

Congratulations Gaijin, for one of the best tank maps you have ever brought to the game.
Although I always look critically at your product and many things do not (yet) run correctly in Warthunder,
but the new map Flanders is exactly what tank commanders want !!!
Lots of cover, interesting design and terrain and an immersion that is outstanding.
We need more of these maps in the game !!!

This ^; this is the problem i have with suggesting to change towards score. Maybe in Ground Battles it won’t be much of a problem since there’s only players, but for models like Air Battles, where there’re also AI units that also give score… i fear that people would just steal player kills (not like they didn’t do it before hand) but also AI units.

Now, while i do think that only counting player kills might be somewhat… for the lack of a better word “minimal”, i think the right question is:" How do you really measure skill?"
'Cause mostly what makes a player more or less skilled are: good awareness, good positioning, vehicle knowledge, a bit of aiming, doing the right maneuvers in Air and angling armor in Ground and Naval; how do you measure this?

The only changes i’d suggest is to just make it so that other actions like assists, ground targets, caps, exc. are also counted to an extent (i haven’t mentioned bases since bombers usually can get 1 or 2 bases before being killed, and it’s rare that they’ll be able to do more, sadly) but i wouldn’t make score based.

also @Stona_WT can you guys add the bonuses to Air Sim Battles as well, pls? They are already in Ground Sim Battles, so i see no reason to leave Air Sim out

Last i played a bomber was a B-26, i bombed 1 base, then goes for 1 Fw190 with pilot guns, then i shot down a Yak-3 and spitfire with gunners ^^"

I mean, even for bomber this is possible to do things.

i should have said “IF” they get killed; tho i meant it in general

Assist 0.5 kills
AI Ground targets 0.1kills (or lower)
AI Air targets 0.2 kills (or lower)

Capture in GRB should be equivalent to the assist, seems fair to me, since you win a lot of SP aswell.

If you have a full list of actions, i can rate them, but tbh, those are the only one i would reward.

Those are alright; i was mostly just wanted to share why i don’t like the suggestion of making it score based.
Only kill based isn’t perfect, but i do think it’s better than just score

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I would much prefer if you changed the RP bonuses to be based on Score or something similar. As others have mentioned having it based on Kills alone encourages the players to act as selfish as possible in a team game.

From my experience, if someone is selfish it doesn’t matter how many incentives/rewards you can think of giving him to play for them team, it won’t matter, he’ll always play selfishly. At the same time, more… selfless/smarter players don’t need incentives to play for the team.

btw @Cpt_Bel_V i also thought of another thing; reintroducing the proximity score/proximity RP that was removed a while ago

The main problem of wt is that gaijin follows the market and tries to satisfy their most important customer group which is imho a very young audience with access to credit cards. Those player are looking for instant action and therefore even Air RB became a plain shooter like Arcade +.

In their own words they describe playerkills as “ultimate goal” so it is logical that they support everything which enforces competition within teams - the more pure kill focused players participate, the better, as matches get shorter and queue times get extremely low.

The major downside of this focus on kills (for my mode Air RB) is obvious as seen in the last few days - a mix of greed to get kills #3, 4 of 5 and reckless game play in order to get kills in the first place are altering the outcome of matches even more than before (Prem spam, 16 vs 16, …).

That actually useful actions like kill assists or baiting for others are not even considered in this bonus or are completely ignored like baiting (proximity score deleted years ago) is more that disappointing.

I mean at prop tiers a hell of matches get decided by a few guys playing point and click vs PvE - even if they die without a player kill they put so much ticket pressure on the red team that the blue team can benefit and win by tickets.

If was able to get 4 kills because i could 3 times benefit from distraction of the enemy caused by a teammate, it is simply unfair for the guy playing the bait or just distracting to be excluded from a bonus. Even if i would have killed these 3 guys without distraction it simply makes my life easier.

And as stated earlier - even if high kill numbers in Air RB are mostly a sign of quality - it is no problem for an even rather inexperienced player to get 5 kills - all he has to do is to find 5 less experienced players.

If than an experienced player is able to win 1 vs 3 with just 2 kills in total in the same match (including killing the 5 kill enemy from earlier) it seems that skill doesn’t matter…so rename skill bonus to “kill bonus” and implement a “kill doesn’t matter reward” - just be fair…

I had similar thoughts a while ago and further recommendations for a more professional kill allocation:

You might find some of them interesting…

Edit: Fat finger

Technical reasons delayed them. But they were postponed. They are planned to come in the future.


Amazing, that’s all I wanted to hear thanks!

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