War Thunder is Pay to Win

Low tier is dominated by bush ridden tanks preventing you from seeing weak spots or the tank in general.

High tier is dominated by Rank VII CAS bought for $70

Restrict APFSDS shells behind Golden Eagles and stop lying to your playerbase.

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and become World of tanks?
no thanks bro


Bro, go and chill in some pub already


He needs a forum time out. Just spamming useless threads which are just rants with 0 substance.


Irrelevant comment. Reported for spam.


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I remember he created 3-4 threads complaining about getting killed by TURM III, all within a span of a few hours lol probably the biggest crybaby I’ve ever seen here


well, if you think this game is P2W:

most players who payed for vehicules are so bad that it is currently laughable whenever i cross them, they literally are giving me their lifes, even at 1vs2 // 1vs3, and sometimes 1vs4 // 1vs5 situations

your APFSDS argument is wrong/bad/stupid β†’ many free tanks have access to them, and most of the time they’re as good or better than premium tanks ones.

Low tier dominated by bushes, huh? spray your MG to any bushes you see, then fires if it tickles on ennemy β†’ easy to do, simple to understand, fast to servicing it into your gameplay.
not doing this is kind of asking to get bullied at this point.

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and he’s currently right about you making rant post.


All CAS but A-6E TRAM & rather me Su-39 are tech tree, only the A-6 is at a BR to escape enemy SPAA.

Restricting shells behind GE would be pay to win, stop peddling bad pay to win ideas.

Bushes are free via the warbond shop, & are shot off next patch moving forward.

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Please do not make inflammatory comments towards Gaijin.
Thread locked.

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