War Thunder in General, a rant

The post-pen damage of the old 122mm of IS-6 is unrivalled, not even the ones on the T-10M or Object 279 have as much stopping power due to lack of explosive, only one thing comes close in terms of penetration and post-pen damage is the one on the Jagdtiger/Maus or Object 268. Once penned then say goodbye, I hope they don’t overly nerf the APHE in the upcoming update.

Why is War Thunder the only game where people are this hard stopped on “kill steals”?

And then TK or being nudged -

AIR Battles TK - Gatekeeping premiums or getting salty at a base being taken (Sorry bro, first jet to get there owns the base, not the one who decided to go for it). Sometimes it happens on take off by trolls and there Gaijin can react more severe, though there is a whole thread on it already. Sometimes a tk in air battles is accidental - ever heard of the term “haywire”?.

Ground Battles - Being nudged or accidentally bombed happens. Sometimes a person just didn’t see you.

Every game works on seconds. Only in WT have I seen that the slowest player will complain cause they lost on the fastest play. And to break it down :

  • Seconds to position
  • Seconds to rotation
  • TTK - Time To Kill - How well can you shoot, essentially.

Lastly - Some people were actually born yesterday (sarc). So many adults in this game that 1. empower kids to be nasty towards others 2. Lead by bad example enabling kids to do bad things / “troll”.

Because grind is insufferable

Yeah, see that’s the thing, you don’t kick a snake, and expect it to not try and bite you. What you’re saying is like someone saying “GLHF” and then someone else swearing them out in chat and being toxic, or telling someone to “Kys.” That’s not exactly my point, I was saying, if you do something so retarded as to mess up, possibly my whole game, I’m going to say some thing to you, that’s like getting into a car accident and just driving away like nothing happened, scot free.

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For real, preach it!

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To be fair- kill stealing isnt something people should care that much about, its bound to happen. Same with accidental rammings.

If they do it on purpose, though…

centurion seeing T62s and anything at 7.7 seeing fox lmao

So historic BRs wouldn’t work, Thats basically asking for russia and germany to stomp everyone in WW2 era, not to mention the mess Cold War would be since the Abrams or LEO2A4 would be the legitimate top MBTs. And top tier is not Balanced, like at all. You have obvious areas where certain 3 nations are steamrolling around 65% of the time and 1 nation is barely winning 30% of the time on a good day. Pantsir is by far the best spaa with most nations only being able to reach 10km so CAS can just rain hell upon the battlefield freely.

God dont mention 9.3, i hate the cv9030 and the strv 105, t72 is pretty solid though, but i wouldnt call 9.3 a lineup lol, more like 1 decent TT tank and 2 SL piñata’s