War Thunder Heading Finder - a little helper for your Sim EC matches

Hi folks!

Do you also struggle with getting your mission target aligned with the HUD so you can select it by toggling through all targets, hoping you see it eventually pop up in the HUD?

Well, fret no more! I have designed a little helper to make this process easier, simply by counting grids on the map and looking up the heading on a table!

The process is simple enough, and uses a table that you can print out and fold to keep close when you fly a Sim EC match.

When then needing the heading to a target, an airfield or any other point on the map, simply count the grids between your position and the point on the map, then look up the heading for it on the WTHF!

This can look like this: I’m in the grid over to the right, and want to navigate to the mission target on the left:

So now I count: roughly (very roughly is enough…) 4.5 grids to the left, one grid up…

And checking on the WTHF, I find the corresponding heading:


The complete pdf for download you can find here: WT Live // Location by Schindibee (warthunder.com)

Hope you like it!

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This seems extremely useful! Thx Schindibee!