War Thunder guide: Sales, premiums, and premium account

That’s a typo. That’s supposed to say 5.0. thx

Yeah no problem. Just was a little confused if we were looking at different BR’s

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Hey @war_Tinder would you recommend the Sea Hawk Mk.100?

Also sidenote- love your bio 😂

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It’s good. I like the Sea Hawk. It performs well and I personally really enjoy the way it flies. I find it most useful as a CAS plane because it has 4 individual bomb drops of 500 lb bombs. It’s nice as an air-to-air fighter, but the problem is that the F-86s now sit at the same BR as the Sea Hawk because is insane, so it is long past its glory days. To my knowledge though, it is only ever on sale for the German Unity Day events every year.

Okay thank you!

Both are nice. I think the T29 is a Bit better because the 3x .50 cal and more pen