War Thunder guide: Sales, premiums, and premium account

Oh I thought you meant a discount on vehicles for GE. We don’t know if there will be a discount for GE, but that’s probably next week if so.

@war_Tinder Would you recommend the P-51D-10?

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I would get the P-51D-20 instead. The P-51D-10 does have more suspended ordinence, but it also is at 4.3 while the P-51D-20 is at 4.0.

Okay. I already have the D-20 (it was my premium vehicle bc I love the P-51), I was just told that the D-10 was just a slightly worse D-30 at 4.3 so I didn’t know if you’d recommend it

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Big problem with buying premiums is that the F2P people complain about anything they can’t get, and War Thunder oblige them by jacking the BR up to appease. It’s a big kick in the teeth for those who have paid.

They are always hacking at the Wyvern for example, trying to get it’s BR raised. Because they will never own it they imagine it’s an untouchable wonder plane.

So many premiums are good at one BR then really average with even a slight increase.
M18 is the latest premium to get it and my Cobra King got smashed as well. No more spending for me.

I mostly agree with you, but I think this isn’t true of the M18. Moving the M18 to 6.0 doesn’t fundamentally change how it plays. It will have a harder time penetrating things from the front, but it’s a flanker and for the purpose of flanking, its shell is just as good in a 7.0 uptier as it was in a 6.7 uptier.

What is going on with the sale only a few of the stated vehicles are on sale rongt now for me

The May sale this year only has a few rank 6 packs on sale and the rest are rank 5. Also, the servers are dying. Never buy something in the first 2 hours of a sale. Always wait a few hours because the servers usually die the first 2-or-so hours. Wait a few hours and then buy.

I was reading last years news article so that is why I was so confused

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Any vehicle that you recommend?

Is there anything you’re curious about that isn’t in the sale guide?

IS6 and t29

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I don’t have experience with the IS-6 so I can’t recommend it. The T29 is a very good heavy tank. It’s basically a T34 with a slightly smaller, but still absolutely devastating gun, and a quicker reload. I really like it, but because it is at 7.0, it doesn’t have access to that monster 6.7 lineup of the US. The US does have a strong lineup at 7.0 though because so much stuff has gone up to 7.0. You have the T92, T29, and the M551(76) if you have that.

Ok, Thanks

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I see where you are coming from off course, I just think it’s wrong.

If the M18 was fine at 5.7 for the three years that I was playing it at 5.7 then why bother moving it? I had a great line up at 5.7 now I am struggling. That is all moving BR does, ruin line ups. It’s the same story, a tank gets played a lot for some reason, the BR gets moved and everybody stops playing it then the BR drops, I mean why? What’s the point really?

Comet was the same. Went up in BR fitting no line up, got dropped from every line up by many, came back down…I mean why? Now the Swedish T34 is at 4BR while the rest of my line up is 3.7 where the T34 used to be and fitted great. Now the T34 is in limbo. I haven’t played Sweden since, just lost interest.

Just seems like a Gaijin nasty habit they could do with losing and it’s a kick in the teeth for the paying customer.

All my 5.7 German went up to 6BR,6BR got filled with junk like the M109 from the 60s and I just stopped playing above 5BR now. It’s not just me either.

A game I loved got ruined by such a small and needless action.
I am hiding at 4.3 BR and below and praying I am going to be left alone :)

I have spent too much on this game, but bushes got nerfed, premiums got moved and I guess Crew Skills will be next.

I agree that it was fine at 5.7. It shouldn’t have been moved. Moving it doesn’t fundamentally change it though.

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This is the issue, just because for some reason a vehicle becomes popular and is successful its gets moved. Its armour is no thicker and its gun is no better. It’s just stat chasing for the hell of it.

I understand the need to find the right place for a new vehicle but one years old that has been at a certain BR for so long? Obviously not doing too much harm.

What with constant map changes, vehicle nerfing and things like bushes now getting shot off the game is too unstable and risky to invest money into. Purchases are just too risky now, that is my point.

I would just warn those who are new to the game to watch out and not get caught out like I did. Especially bushes, expensive and now virtually useless and a forum full of F2P people crying over every perk the paying public are buying and demanding them to be nerfed out of existiance…then Gaijin actually bowing to their demands…quite shocking really, hardly makes you want to spend.

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So I’m a complete moron and was misremembering the D-10. You are correct. It is just a slightly worse D-30 at 4.3. It is better than the D-20.

Don’t say that. People called me that for too long and now I believe it. I know your joking but don’t start :)

Okay, thanks for the info. I had asked about it in a match yesterday but got disconnected before the people flying it could explain everything. If I come into the money for it I’ll pick it up. I love the P-51 soooooo much

Is this a reference to arcade? The rest of this guide is in RB it looks like. Is that a typo or reference?