Sea Hawk Mk.100 questions

Hi everyone! I have a few questions about the Sea Hawk Mk.100, like the title implies. I know it won’t go on sale for a few more months, if it goes on sale, but want to know a few things about before I buy it this fall. I’ll list them below. Thanks for any help in advance :)

  1. Is it good in air RB?
  2. If it is good in air RB, would that be at ground pounding or air to air combat?
  3. If it’s good at air to air combat, how would you fly it? Energy fighter, turn fighter or boom and zoom?
  4. Is it good in ground RB?

I was test flying it earlier and saw a few things that I have questions about


What is with these rockets? Is it a visual bug or supposed to be like this? I doubt in real life they could float like that XD


When you equip the 500lb bombs, why are they two different colors? Doesn’t that indicate 2 different types of bombs? I don’t think it says 2 different types in the loadout screen

Edit- Sorry that last screenshot is absolute crap. Idk how to make it better