War Thunder events and My opinion about Air Mission Score

I am a Ground RB player who rarely plays Air and generally would never go out of my way to play it because I find it to be a monotonous chain of events where you fly for 5 or more minutes and then die without getting much scores or get a few kills and barely scrape 1.2k mission score and if I take bombs maybe 300-400 score from those. I enjoyed it back when the distinction marks could be earned with the task and you could earn air progress by using aircraft in ground RB not everyone likes air but many can take a downtiered aircraft into the ground and get a little score. I wanted to gauge and see how others feel about this as well so any thoughts or opinions I’d like to hear.

Problem is that Gaijin doesn’t want us to succeed, they don’t want the average player to get a vehicle, and the moment something works and is doable they make sure to make it more difficult next time.

Tasks worked good at first and then they started increased the tasks, removed the RB multiplier and told us that ‘the average player gets 5 kills per game’’ like what? Blatantly lying to our face as if we don’t play the game, not once have I see a game where the majority of players get 5 kills but they tell us it’s average.

At least the score based events allow for more normal gameplay, as events are often very disruptive… now it’s just sweaty people abusing all the best vehicles and farming new players but somehow tier 1-2 still cannot be included events, resulting in veteran players stomping new players for easy score whilst those players cannot even make progress towards their own event tasks.
''Better go buy a higher tier premium you losers! -Gaijin.

If they lowered the score to 20k instead of 40k it would be in a good place, that is something that is feasible for people, doesn’t consume their holidays and doesn’t push people to abuse anything and everything for score, but if it’s better for the player it means Gaijin will never do it.


It is truly a shame that they kept increasing the tasks but I still had no problem with it because they really weren’t all that difficult just took slightly more games but it wasn’t that many. I have also been playing jets more as I have most lower tier researched and I decided to try going for actual progress in this event instead of the tried and true planes I would fly in Air RB. But the Jets have sucked seems like the BR brackets have little to no balances and you are always fighting planes that are faster and with better missiles unless in the rare downtier.

Tasks were okay if you were a skilled player with good vehicles at your disposal, but if you weren’t able to get a 6 kill streak or whatever you ended up having to get 40-50 kills instead of 25, get a ton of assists and it just became annoying and tedious.

With planes I just feel like you’re out of luck if you didn’t grind the vehicles when they were added, BR compression is crazy and you’re just constantly outclassed, and they also nerfed bases hard for literally no reason at all.

I am only doing the air event (not tanks) because it is currently the easiest event to me. Easy in the sense that it takes me the least amount of focused play. If anything, I feel it is the opposite from your statement.

However, it would not occur to me to do the air event in realistic air! As you say, a lot of time is spend just doing nothing (“snobistic air” players call this the deployment phase). I do these air events still in arcade, where I can accumulate score much faster, even after multipliers.

The perception of event difficulty may be just relative to player and mode. To me, tank events are a grind hell, which I avoid as much as possible while I find the air event very doable. I consider naval quite doable too, but I am simply not interested in the reward.

I haven’t played arcade because I’ve always thought you got such little reward. But if this is not the case maybe I could give it a go.

For me, it is simple: 750 x 1.4 is less than 2200 x 0.8.

If I am not in a hurry, I just play what I like and when the time runs up, I do what remains most efficiently. But for the event stages before and during xmas, I was in a hurry. So I did them optimized on high score. Not so much fun but fast.

I usually get 1000-2000 score within 5 minutes of playing in air rb and i’m able to keep repeating that. I find it really easy to grind the event, very laid back. As a bonus, i’m often having fun anyway while scrolling the war thunder forum or the news. I find the ground grind a bit more tedious, but since it can be spread over 2 days, it is still easily manageable.

I got my figures not from my gut feeling but I actually looked up my average score in the particular mode during the last month. When I look you up, I get ~900. I know it often feels better, but we tend to forget the darker moments. :-)

If I focus on air AB and optimize everything for the event, I can reach 8000, but not consistently, as maps etc have to play along. The average I reach is only 2200, but it sure feels like it was more.

If you’re looking at this month’s score, it is not an accurate representation. Check the last 7 days, that should be around the time when i realized how good i can spam my aircraft. Earlier this month i have been mostly playing for fun anyway.

Can’t do it with either mine nor yours. We could stop playing the mode after the event for two weeks, then we should see the monthly average rising sharply. :->

What spam bus are you using?

I’m using the phoenix spam bus, i can get couple to few kills every 5 minutes


F14b but with aim-54a