War thunder Crashing from Exception almost every other game (sometimes multiple times in a match)

Whenever I play war thunder almost every other match results in a crash ! sometimes its a crash from Exception as mentioned, other times it just crashes with no log or indication that something went wrong, I have a very capable computer with constantly updated graphics drivers
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 (dell)
Intel core i9 13900K
monitor is a Dell AW3821DW (ultrawide)144 Hz

I’ve tried:
Reinstalling War thunder (which worked for a day)
Deleting any and all mods installed
Checking files in the war thunder launcher

I would like to know what else is there that i could do because Exception isnt a well documented issue apart from one post which just tells me i should reinstall latest drivers but i have done that twice to a new version and the issue persisted

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What gamemode or vehicle?

Ground RB and Air RB even Air Arcade, it isnt vehicle dependent i dont think

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Please report here:


I have the an I9-13900KF, same problem here. But it might be as well something to do with the current problems with the 13th and 14th generation regarding power drawing from the motherboard. You need to update your bios as a start. The motherboards are putting way too much power through the CPU’s. I have a ASUS ROG Maximus hero… problems for weeks now… See JayzTwoCents on YT videos about the problems a probably fixes…if the damage hasn’t been done yet