War thunder could add a console exclusive marketplace

If gain adds a console exclusive marketplace it would be missing a majority of marketplace vehicles and they will increase prices for gaijn coins if they add a console exclusive marketplace to make a profit while Microsoft/Sony takes a cut

They can’t add the marketplace for console because Microsoft and Sony won’t allow it. Please use the search function to avoid posting duplicate threads in the future…

Or just give them the reg ones available through the built in browser.

It could work wirh GE instead of GC.

That wouldn’t work, because they aren’t a translatable currency. Mostly because of discounts when buying X% of more GE.

I think because of Microsoft and Sony’s restrictions the best thing that could come to console players would be the ability to buy individual skins for GE. They’d have to be more than the boxes though so it still discourages people from not buying the boxes.

With exclusive prices ^^