War Thunder Companion App - The Essential External Game Map?

I was wondering how many players actually bother to play with the external map via the War Thunder companion app. I wondered because I never play without it and makes me wonder how many actually know there is an external map to help gameplay.

On my Galaxy tab, I have a nice big map where I can see the whole battlefield in plane matches and most of the field in tank battles. You can literally see everything going on and track enemies to target.

Air Battle Map

Ground Battle Map

It allows you to see incoming spawn killers, which there are a hell of a lot of, I know, I see it on the maps myself most games. Below are 2 screenshots for air examples, on the right of the maps. The one above shows spawn killers in the tank battle.

Spawn Killers

The most shamefull thing I see is when 4 or more of your own team mates start chasing 1 solitary enemy. These are the players I wonder if they know about the maps’ existance or they wouldn’t act so stupid. I have so many screenshots of this that it’s hard to pick only 1 or 2. So i picked screenshots of at least 5+ players after 1 enemy plane. The 3rd screenshot, if you look carefully, there are 8 after 1 enemy!!! which is why I took the screenshot in the 1st place. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them from my cockpit window, all circling 1 plane.

Stupid Players

The thing is… I can’t see why a lot of players with tablets must not use the map. It’s a brilliant tool to play along side. You can almost see everything you need.

I was aware of the companion app’s existence, but wasn’t aware that it always shows all players on both teams all the time. Is that specific to arcade game modes? Or is that the case for any game mode? And if the latter, how on earth is that not considered a cheat?


In RB you will only see targets which are scouted


Okay, thanks for that clarification.

Yes… you can only see enemy players that are in sight of your team mates, but when your team mates start to spread out, you can see so much.

except for RB
there you see only your mates and the caps, but no enemys

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Ahhh… I don’t do RB or SB. I don’t like the spawning debacle. I just want to spawn and play. Mediocre
players like me struggle to get anywhere which is not my idea of fun and makes the grind even harder than it already is.