War Thunder "Air Superiority" - Changelog

[quote]not to undermine your personal experience, but in my experience playing Sweden toptier (stock with DM33, mind you) since the patch dropped, I feel like playing against russians is alot more manageable than with them. Absolute worst case, I can pop a T80BVM or T90M by just getting his gun, then killing his driver twice through the lower plate, given I don’t just detonate the ammo or fuel the first time or get one or two crew members while shooting the breach.
But the way Russians play right now is just so terrible. Alot of them are blind or rush you thinking they’re invincible just to get their gun popped and send back to the respawn screen.[/quote]

I can’t say if that’s all of them, or if that’s an influx of old “new” players who want to jump through premium vehicles to grind for the newest and best.

[quote=“Dinfire, post:483, topic:55326”]
And with the questionable manner in which certain high tier rounds overpen my front plate and detonate my ammo, particularly with Russian or Chinese rounds, I’m inclined to give bombastic sideeye to the developers with repeated player reports explaining what happened.[/quote]

As a former tanker, I know exactly how many rounds to carry to keep Abrams’ hull clear.

In my experience, at least 1 in 7 or 1 in 8 times when I’m killed in an Abrams, there is no flight path of the round shown. Instead I simply ammo det.

I have seen kill cams show DM53, 3BM42, 3BM60, and Chinese/Japanese high tier rounds overpen the front of my turret, through the loader, and through the ammo door before detonating.

Others, it won’t show a kill cam. Instead I die, and it only shows the tank that killed me. No shell trajectory to speak of.

Which makes me question how they did it.


I thought you were targeting me or something, my apology comrade 😅

that’s my only point, to give all nations the same standard of modelization quality

I absolutely agree

A lot of us brought this up the moment they revealed the fact that the Su-27 was going to have 10 missiles. And six of them being the best SARH. We’ve asked for better Aim-7s, better 9Ms, reducing the amount of R-27ERs like they did for the Yak-141. And not a word from them.

It’s the most overpowered aircraft in the game because it can carry six of those missiles.

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Whats new in which i received today?

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Remove the damn " * Ultra-low frequencies have been added to the sounds of explosions, gun shots, and aircraft engines to give more richness to the game mix."
There is so much bass now that not even my headphones EQ can tune down. Everything is muffled!!!
We went through this before, didnt we!!!
Or implement a fucking EQ in the game.
Can’t hear a fucking thing when the ULF will kill all the other freq in the headsets with large drivers.

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#ВернитеУРОН #damageON

The acceleration of 2A7V in RB is independent, the acceleration is below that of A6 that is not correct

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It’s Rohev, not Roshev. Does your adviser on Israeli vehicles even speak Hebrew?

So you have something about gears ratio or gearbox? I don’t think so.
Report is here:


Gaijin.net // Issues

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How is it “intimidating” when it moves just as fast but the Type 10 fires 50% faster, with more penetration and better optics ? Type 10 and Leclerc are not even in the same league

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Well, Italy has just purchased leopards 2A8, so when they will get in game I hope I’ll see them in Italy too

Italy’s Leopard II A8 hasn’t arrived yet, my friend. You can first make the Leopard 2 A7HU added to the Hungarian line

Yeah you aint getting 2A8 any time soon. Germanys is the first to get that either way since their order gonna be fullfilled first. Besides that germany might see the prototypes first.

But in 2-3 patches u might see the 2A7hu added

I already reviewed the problems they’re having in that 1,500-post monstrosity. Smin has some explaining to do as far as Leclercs go.

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His explaining his always the same : according to statistics, the Leclercs are the best (or among the best) MBTs in the game. SMH. Everybody knows the Leclercs are either among the worst MBTs at top tier.

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i never understood why germany mig29G doesnt have acces to air to ground oordinances when mig29SMT does ? i do understand however that mig29g is made with NATO modification but why doesnt it get air to ground oordinances (KAB-500Kr /KH29TD) ? why

Simply wasnt able to carry them and never used them. You notice that the SMT model is quite different . A2G needs multiple technical additions that the Mig29G lacks, that was the job of the Tornado

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