Update PC (Server Update 17.12.23 Xbox + PS)

Ground Vehicles

  • VT-4A1, MBT2000, ZTZ96A, ZTZ96A (P), ZTZ99-II, ZTZ99-III, ZTZ99A, WZ1001(E) LCT — FY-2 and FY-4 ERA resistance has been revised. (Report)
  • MBT2000 — durability of the composite armor has been revised. (Report)
  • M3A3 Bradley — Missing anti-fragmentation lining has been added.
  • Added the visual display of anti-fragmentation lining to the animation of the hit camera in battle.


  • Mirage 4000 — New camouflages have been added.
  • The display time of the supersonic transition effect has been reduced.


  • USS Roanoke — Damage model updated


  • The option “Show decals on other player vehicles” has been added to the “Customization of Vehicles” section. This option is disabled by default (e.g. decals are not displayed). In the near future, this option will be improved so that it is automatically enabled for players who actively use decals themselves, so that they can see the decals of other players. For high-level players who do not actively use decals, a pop-up window will be shown once asking to enable the option when entering the game.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


As an mbt-2000 fanatic .thank you gaijussy


No fix for the broken tracking radar in naval?

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Still waiting for Abrams armour devblog and update that actually make it happen. Now MBT2000 got armour upgrade in the same manner with 600KE. Abrams on 11.7 still 400KE frontal protection , hull from 1979.


Abrams on end of life care right now XD


So, with FY2/4, what has changed specifically? Asking because I won’t be able to look at the game for a while.

The acceleration of 2A7V in RB is independent, the acceleration is lower than that of A6, which is wrong
RB cannot move the tank

VT-4A1, MBT2000, ZTZ96A, ZTZ96A (P), ZTZ99-II, ZTZ99-III, ZTZ99A, WZ1001(E) LCT

Some of these are very new additions to the game. Why are they getting revised armor while the Merkava 2, 3, 4, and Magach 6 & 7 series are all stuck with their bugged armor? Why are you not revising their ERA values? Why are you not revising the values of their composites?
Why are you intentionally keeping them down?
Why does one of the world’s most well armored tanks, if not overall THE most well armored one, get worse armor than some tanks that are today obsolete?


only firefighting

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Abrams experiences the American healthcare system


Another day of ignoring the incorrect Leo 2a7V armor bug reports


Did the WTD6 get added?

AMX (IT) - got Thermal added recently, but still cannot track with its POD, it that a bug or intentional?

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Does the Mirage pod track, if not then its intentional. IIRC it uses the same pod (CPLRD or something)

I’m 90% sure if you check the bug report page you’ll see 3/4 bug reports about it, I’m sure they’ve been acknowledged too one might be the issue you mentioned

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Good on them to have added the option of toggling “Show decals on other player vehicles”, but why is it, by default, turned off? Surely this just takes away incentive to buy or use decals?

I like the addition of the option, as I think it should be a choice, but the chances that someone will go and willingly turn it on are pretty slim. The point of having decals is to show them off to others as well as personal use, and if people dont like that, thats what the purpose of this option should be used for.

I think it should be, by default, left on (visible decals for other player vehicles), with the choice to turn them off if wanted.

This is probably something a lot dont care about, and I could see why, but I just thought this seems a bit odd?

I absolutely don’t want to see your decals. Also, I can’t remember the name of the CC but they mentioned something to the effect that they’d like to make all custom skins visible to other players. Like the ones you can download from WT Live and I’m absolutely against that. This isn’t Modern Warfare. If there is an option to turn them off, it should be the default mode.

Bushes should also be able to be hidden by an option. Since they’re purely cosmetic according to Gaijin and absolutely not a P2W mechanic. You want to deck your Wiesel out in bushes? Cool, good for you. I should be able to turn those off.


I agree with you, if you dont want to see bushes, then there should be an option to disable them too. The more choice, the better.

But my point was about the default option being set to turned off, which I thought made more sense to be left on to begin with, thats all.

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Can you give any specifics on this?

π π π


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