War Thunder "Air Superiority" - Changelog

I think it says a lot when moving goalposts is required to fit the narrative.

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They put some squadron vehicles to rank 8 (Leopard 2PL, T80U) and other remained in rank 7 (M1A1 AIM) which makes no sense at all

Good thing no one moved them.

Russian/Chinese/Japanese mains patiently waiting for removal of fuel explosion deaths or addition to all top tier MBTs.
now that full lineup of top tier german/swedish tanks got spall liner (russia got only one) after doxing fiasco and complaining, i don’t want to see german/swedish mains complain about anything.
T-90M would’ve got it as first, yet ppl went as far to force out (khmm…doxxing…khmm) to have it all for top tier german and swedish.
Howver i am patiently waiting for B1 Draco, Obj 640, Obj 195, T-90M Proriv 3/T72B4(the uparmoured in Ukraine) now that Germany got their last top tier vehicle.

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Spall liners were an incredibly bad idea. APFSDS spalls less than APCR now, so fun.


I have the same problem. Bug-ridden garbage. At least make an effort to test the thing before you release it, gaijin:

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german tanks now 4-5 shots, breech shots need 2-3. whereas a russian tank needs one fuel shot or an orange/red ammo and boom!

Its when i got 6k bonus for skill in avia rb and 25k for spent time?
Really good economics, which favors flying around/making love with stone instead of fighting

Another rushed update. Congrats!!! We thank you for your care gjn

No, they changed it. Although i would not call it “insane” as he did.

Most of the absolute top has gone up around 10k-20k RP in cost, but everything else has gone down quite a lot, so in total its been decreased. BUT he said that the new vehicles are more expensive in RP which is true.


Thanks for proving me right.


Literaly maybe the only tank line without problems and only addition besides T-90M without problems

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No means none, zero. there are increases on many of the absolute top vehicles. you are wrong.

what part exactly are you even claiming to be right on?

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Yes, which there is none as proven via the spreadsheet you showed.
“RP requirement for the last vehicle is still 390,000 - 420,000, the same its been for years! Clearly an increase!”

Do all F5E’s get the radar gunsight or only the American one?

Leopard 2 PSO from 400k to 410k - 10k increase.
Pantsir-S1 from 390k to 400k - 10k increase.
ADATS (M113) from 390k to 400k - 10k increase.
Type 10 from 390k to 400k - 10k increase.

do you want me to continue and list them all or have understood my point?

you said “no increases”. you never claimed a range between 390k and 410k as a base. that premise you just now came with.

and that still does not prove your point.
many vehicles got lowered and some increased.
the word “no” DOES NOT mean “few”.


End of line vehicles have always been 390 - 420, tho its been 410 more recently.
And yes, I implied it was a range in my first post.
It proved my point.

you didn’t.

this is not a range.

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The dude is a troll, my guy. I can only recommend just blocking them.

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