Want answers for RP not being fixed

I would like to hear directly from the Dev team why vehicle research points were not reduced with the adjustment of SL income. RP should have been fixed with SL at the very beginning of this roadmap, there’s absolutely no excuse for it not too be.
This is incredibly frustrating still trying to grind out the air and ground tech tree with premium account and premium/tailsman vehicles.


my friend calm down, did you even look at the roadmap? , rp will be adressed in a summer update, more vehicles get foldered those foldered get 50% reduction and airtier 6-8 will get cheaper. Just be patient it needs work, silver lions was the more urgent thing and right now they need to balance the new atgm system as well


Yes, I did read it. Did you read what i wrote above? I would like an answer for it not being done right away. The time frame between now and then is significant and we’ve also seen Gijian go back on their own words.

Because most players are “average”, they need to fill the SL lackage first to see the core of the problem: RP.

again did you read what i wrote? i answered you, it needs time the urgent thing got adressed and they have to work on balancing as wel

nothing about “average” it is a matter of making the game playable for free to play players

If you say “playable”, with enough skills you are “playable” even before the change without pay. Now the change was made thus it’s playable for average players. Just because most players are average they mainly focus on the SL which is the most urgent problem and pay less attention to RP. Anything wrong?

First sl gets a different development team to rp and tech tree design. Eco was the biggest demand and they addressed that quickly. The rp will take more work and will come after. There were players who couldnt buy their new vehicles and crew them which is a bigger issue. They dealt with the most demanding and quicker fixes first. Many of the rp changes were actually the same changes they reversed when this whole thing kicked off. Calm down and take a chill pill.

No, I agree with you. There are quite a few bugs I’ve noticed while playing as well that really shouldn’t be there. They definitely need addressed as well, and as soon as possible!

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when they adjust rp it’ll nice for my other tech trees. to answer the question it was easier and therefore faster them to adjust Silver lion gains and repair cost, than it would’ve been to adjust RP quantity required for research and the amount per battle etc. IF they had changed RP first your post would’ve been why didn’t they fix SL because then you wouldn’t be able to purchase all the things researched. They have priorities lets have a little goodwill toward gaijin since they’ve taken an important first step. yes gaijin has gone back on their word before, but making an inflammatory post over something that they’ve stated would be adjusted in a future summer update. making this post unnecessary.


If you are so frustrated why dont you pop down to hungary and ask them

Well that’s what the forums are for, do you struggle with common sense quite frequently?

u realy dont understand sarcasm

There isn’t much on the roadmap that is going to improve RP gains. Reducing the total grind by foldering some useless vehicles is nice, but researching modifications for helicopters and ground vehicles is like pulling nails out.

it still completly reduces the research points needed to get trough a whole tree by a whole lot, what it doesnt actualy do is propably address the rp needed for top tier vehicles in grb yes, that is planned once tier 8 in ground releases when ever that is, i know that is annoying but right now we are fighting for the future and it already is big steps you only need to wait a bit and if you dont wanna research top tier with the current requirements try out a new tree with the new foldered system that is coming

Can you read?

They did say in the roadmap that they not only reduce the RP required for vehicles and folder stuff, but also add a RP bonus if you finish a Techtree (3 Battles a day, as of now)

Is it that hard to actually read?

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I think you’re struggling to understand what was written and im concerned for you. It’s a matter of timing… tiiiiiiime. Do it NOW

but why rush things? why not wait until they just do it? I see no issue with waiting a few updates (at most)

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simple, as you can see in comments people are get fooled by some sl that wont be able to spend because it take years to research a veichle, they won’t do nothing to rp just fold some useless tanks and thats it