'Wallhack' through Spectating your dead Tank

An insane exploit i have seen quite a lot of WT-YouTubers casually do in their Videos / Streams and have heard many, two different people, on Steam Discussions talk about doing that with their Squad Partner (so i guess many more do it as well) and it is the following :

When you die and go on Spectate you can view your own dead Tank - and see every single Enemy Tank around it and their movement which is then all Information you can pass onto your Allies / Squadmembers who basically get a Wallhack through you.

For example you die, spectate your dead Tank and now see an Enemy Tank hide behind a Rock/House and normally no one else would see him or know hes there but you can just expose him and see all of his movements and just tell everyone or respawn yourself and now know the location of the enemies who moved around you.

I find that this is just blatantly cheating in my opinion and needs to be removed.


It’s called “ghosting” and it’s been a thing in online gaming for well over 20 years. Some games/tournaments make rules against ghosting. Others don’t. Just another reason to squad up, eh?


I don’t see there being anything done against it and YouTubers/Streamers do it all the time with their Squads - it might even be beneficial to rush to an Hotspot, die intentionally and then spectate it the whole time so your Allies can do the Job and you respawn at a later time.

It just seems absolute ridicilous.

I’m guessing you’re mainly a solo player? There’s more than one advantage to being squadded up with your homies. Just sayin’.

Im aware that its better to play with others, or if the Game had better communication methods like VC (not just for Squad who apparently have it all deactivated) but it seems they are afraid of their own Playerbase / don’t trust them with it, but you can do it alone as well.

I can just write down the Information in the Chat if i wanted to where an Enemy is or spectate a bit, then respawn and ping that spot and go there now knowing xy Enemies are hiding behind that House - powerful Information no one would have gained otherwise and the Enemy thinks he is hidden, wants to get the advantage from that position and then you get someone spectating you through his dead Tank…

Thats literally cheating and not just some advantage

Its indended mechanic. By your logic using drone is cheating cause enemy think hes hidden but you know hes behind house so your team mate pushes him from side which he isnt looking at.

No, thats not my logic and a dumb comparison on your part.

How is that in anyway even remotely similar?

Both shows you where a hidden tank is. And in random battles staying in dead body is not very beneficial,in SQB it is very. In randoms you just respawn instead to go help team again,unlike SQB where you cant.

Drone - needs to be controlled by an active Player inside the Match. Can be seen, can be heard, can be destroyed.

Dead Player spectating you through his dead Tank on the other hand?

You simply want this removed cause you dont have friends to play with lol, admit it. And again, dead player spectating in GRB is useless half of the time as he would be much more valuable back fighting than sitting in his dead tank between caps with limited FoV around.

ah, now it’s clear why this shot down I 153 lay near my anti-aircraft gun for several minutes. And after that they bombarded me with bombs (but miss). Oh, it’s a clever idea. What they won’t come up with for the sake of the illusion of happiness in an online game.hehe

As i have said already - you can do it with randoms as well.

And its not necessarily more useful respawning, the Information you get from it can lead to several enemies getting their position exposed now allowing your Allies to take care and defend / kill them there they otherwise would have died against.

You are just reacting so hostile to this post calling for actions against it because you are doing it lol, admit it.

I do,in SQB like everyone else playing them, not in random battles, cause there it is totally pointless and i better do respawning.