Wallet warrior denied

I was considering on actually spending some real money on GE and finally get the ki-87(imo one of the best looking props), but god dayum the ho155 30s are horrible, I don’t mind the nerf on the velocity…but why 0.8mm fuse on HEI…sure AP belt would make easy work of Air RB ground ai (shooting from rear)…breh they don’t do anything to them lmao, but Russian 23s can one tap…it just a shame how bad those 30s were nerfed…

Ki-87 is a struggle bus overall lol. Kinda slow, not very maneuverable, guns are a far cry from what they used to be. If you wanted a premium japanese plane, the A7M1 is a far better choice.

If it flies anything like the A7M2 then I second that suggestion. I used the A7M2 to fight jets and super props in GRB until they finally fixed whatever was going on with the Kikka. The A7M2 was a beast and turned on a dime with decent guns.

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It’s an A7M2 with 200hp less and a little less weight. Worse overall, but it’s all in the engine. Every bit of its agility stayed the same.

The biggest drop in performance is at mid to high alt, as it loses more like 300hp.

And the A7M1 comes in orange!

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Gets that pumpkin camo😂