Wake Island

“Wake Island” is one of the iconic maps in online games, and this year marks its 22nd anniversary since its release. It is known for its Pacific Ocean island setting and has been one of the most popular maps. “Wake Island” has appeared in various game versions over the years, thanks to its popularity among fans. As it completes 22 years since its inception in War Thunder, couldn’t the developers create the map for combined battles (tanks and planes)?

Conquering the Skies and the Island in Wake Island: An Epic Battle in War Thunder

Welcome to Wake Island, one of the most challenging and thrilling scenarios in War Thunder. This iconic Pacific island has become the stage for intense battles, where pilots and naval commanders engage in a struggle for strategic control.

The Scenario: Wake Island, situated amidst the vast Pacific Ocean, provides a diverse terrain for air and tank battles. With its white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and lush vegetation, the island creates a visually stunning and challenging environment for War Thunder players.

Air Battles:
The skies above Wake Island host intense aerial combat. Skilled pilots will need to employ clever tactics to gain air superiority, maneuvering through coral reefs and utilizing the unique landscape to ambush their opponents. The presence of strategic airfields adds a layer of tactical complexity, as capturing and defending these points are essential for ensuring aerial dominance.

Ground Vehicles:
In addition to aerial and naval combat, Wake Island provides terrain for ground confrontations. Comprising urban areas and open terrain, the map allows tanks and ground vehicles to engage in intense urban battles and open-field conflicts, making the island a truly comprehensive battlefield.

In War Thunder, Wake Island would stand out as a map that challenges players to explore their skills in different dimensions of combat. Whether in the skies or on land, the island offers a complete and thrilling experience, where only the most astute and skilled strategists will emerge victorious.

Get ready for the adrenaline of Wake Island, where the battle never ends, and victory belongs to the bravest and most skilled pilots and tankers.

A suggestion for tank battles.


Are you saying that Wake Island has been a map in videogames for 22 years or that it has been in War Thunder for 22 years? War Thunder is 11 years old.

That’s certainly a typo, dont spoil the vibe community guy.


Wake island is 13 years old

I was only asking because I don’t have an opinion on the rest of this.

Actually it was called Lonely Island when I first started 10 years ago and only had the name changed 2 - 3 years back maybe, I am not certain. Several maps had the names changed to be more “realistic” or to give those from certain regions a place in the game. But yeah . . I was confused a bit by the OP’s “timeline” . . lol. But the intentions are good, maybe should be moved the Suggestions Section? I like the map as well myself, as an Air AB player for the most part, it is unique. One of the most misplayed and misunderstood air maps there is, but still always pretty fun. Having Ai landing craft hitting the beaches to unload Ai tanks that actually do the capping to win the game is challenging and takes some critical and tactical thinking . . . on the fly no less. Pacific Hidden Base, a fictional location, works the same way, but has been altered a bit and you rarely see any landing craft get neat the cap zone anymore. I was quite the feat to take out any tanks that did land there, as the cap zone was very tiny and is “hidden” pretty well . . . but still fun none the less.
The OP’s ideas seem to have some merit, but that map itself seems pretty small for any ground to ground combat. Just to me anyway. . . . . but imagine beach landings in WWM where the tanks are actually player controlled . . and so are the naval aspects of such an undertaking . … . exciting


Yeah, this would be awesome for another WWM season if we got another Attack from the Sea-esque season (if WWM ever comes back at all (prob will)). That could be very fun.

It was changed to Wake Island more than 3 years ago though. I’ve seen videos as far back as 2014 calling it Attack on Wake Island.

The map is 7 by 7, so I can see it’s large enough for a tank battle

Sorry for the temporal and translation confusion.
The Wake Island map is 22 years old, as one of the first appearances of the map was in BF 1942, released in 2002

The Wake Island map isn’t very well detailed and looks very dated.

The same map in War Thunder was in Battlefield 1942? Or are you saying that both games just have a rendition if Wake Island?

Versions of the same map.

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in this case versions of the same island.

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Can shoot across between spawns.

So its perfect and ready made for ground battles?


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I think there may be other variants of the map or something with the same name that have been around longer. I am pretty sure there is some kind of “achievement/challenge” with that name. I know there is for Midway. Some of those might be Dynamic Campaign or Single Mission maps, or relegated to certain modes like RB or Sim but not Arcade. It would take some researching, but that could sort out so of the differences & confusion. I’ve been playing 10 years, but still haven’t seen all the maps . . .lol. Besides, I’m old and all that . . . forget stuff here and there . . . 8 )

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Fair. I’ve been playing for 7 years and there are still certain maps I’ve only ever seen a handful of times. I used to see Wake Island and Midway a lot back in the day, not anymore. Norway I’ve only ever seen a couple of times, probably less than 15 times in 7 years.

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This is one of the most vintage maps in war games, reissued several times in various games focusing on WW2.

Recently, wtsonar published a video on his instagram page in which a player using the vehicles and scenery from war thunder made the same entry from the game BF1942, follow the link.

I ask the devs to think carefully about making an iconic tank battle map on wake island - after all, to date we’ve only had the jungle map with a focus on Pacific battles.

Think about please.