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Does anyone have any official reports or authored works comparing the R-24T and R-27T heat seeker performances?

Well, no… honestly I’m really confused about how you arrived at that conclusion.

The relevant documentation had shown it should not be guiding the missile from TWS/IRST and it turned out to be a bug that was fixed with an overhaul to the radar modes.

More recently, there was an issue where all missiles could be launched from TWS / IRST modes for some reason and this was also subsequently fixed. Neither of these issues have anything to do with the current state of the missile. As of right now, it’s performing according to the relevant primary sources. I’ll ask again, if you have anything to show it is not performing as it should be why not link it? Why not share the relevant data or make a report yourself?

If there is indeed a disparity, I’d personally be glad to report it for you. I just need the information that shows it.

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Can you demonstrate it on video for us?

Multipathing, affects all missiles that are radar guided in-game right now.
Everything else to the best of my knowledge is correct regarding the R-27R/ER at the moment.

I would certainly like one, but preferably it would have to prove 2-3 primary documents entirely wrong…
I don’t really think you have ANY source or basis for the opinion and it is nothing more / less than that for you… but it is what it is. Hoping you’ve got something useful to share <3

We can continue the conversation here.

Missile is underperforming at high altitude because all missiles in-game are configured for 1-5km altitude performance metrics for the most part. In this case, missiles such as AIM-7F which have much longer burn times are at a significant advantage in war thunder.

No source? Seemed you were adamant about this opinion.

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You have your answer, was I not clear enough? (I’m referring to in-game btw, not sure if that was clear or not).

Did I say anything about a game, son? I asked you a simple yes or no question. Does a missile perform the same at all altitudes. Yes or no.

You’re a very smart dude. You know the answer to that question as much as I do. In the context of the game, the R-27ER is underperforming at higher altitudes because it was configured for the charts at altitudes of 1-5km instead of 20km. This was done intentionally, and it favors missiles with longer burn times such as AIM-7F.

You can’t shuck responsibility for your statements by asking dishonest questions and pretending not to understand the honest answers.

A rocket cannot fly the same way at different altitudes. The rocket opens at altitudes of more than 12 km

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It’s been affecting all missiles?

He knows, he’s been baiting/ derailing this thread enough. You can quote him and then copy / paste it into the correct threads and it will post a convenient link under his comment for him to click and carry on the conversation over here.

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The thing is, the information claiming low accuracy and target overloads stemmed from the same period of information as when people thought R-27 was a 24G missile… you can see where I’m going.

It was later shown R-27R/ER is capable of 35G, etc. I would not be surprised if the R-27P/EP have pretty good effectiveness against certain radars.

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the whole R-27P/EP is mysterious in its own right, the manual goes into great detail on the effectiveness of R-27ER/ET even giving PKs in various scenarios but the R-27P/EP are simply mentioned that “hey these exist, this is how you shoot them btw”

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@BBCRF I understand its a passive missile but the manual explicitly describes one method of operation is to use phi-0 mode to prevent missile capture of the fighters own radar, but also mentions use with RLPK-29 lock which contradicts the fact it can capture its own fighters radar, its reasonable to assume this is because there are 2 ways to guide the R-27P/EP:

  1. Pure passive from a boresight launch in phi-0
  2. either passive or semiactive from an STT lock or in some form assisted by the launch aircraft radar

There are two methods. Target detection and capture.Capturing a target offline

I pressume this refers to using the radar

And this refers to phi-0

I just find it odd it mentions its possible for the missile to acquire its own radar emissions and then says you can use the radar for R-27P/EP operations

do you mean, lock target with radar and then switch to phi-0 for a pure IRST lock then fire?

Fi-0 mode it is possible to shoot somewhere there in the direction of the target

Sure I’m just not seeing how tracking a search style wave form will give you accurate enough targeting for a fighter style target. I’m picturing it as a TWS style tracking. It might be enough to get it in the right ball park for a hit but even with DL TWS you need a hard lock for terminal.

Could the sidelobe emissions be strong enough for accurate guidance once the missile gets close to the target?

But more info, what i found, R-27P/EP create like counter AWACS missile.